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    Goutama was born in Mexico City in 2015, founded by three friends who are followers and lovers of Eastern philosophy, especially Buddhism .

    We design and create jewelry with the best vibes. Each piece is handmade by our artisan friends, who put their best intentions into bringing a smile to the person who wears it. Every morning, before starting their activities, they meditate for a few minutes to be in a perfect state of peace and harmony.

    At Goutama we want people to give the best of themselves, using all their inner energy. That is why each material we use has unique beauty and meaning, such as semi-precious stones, metals and colors.

    That is why our name is inspired by the founder of Buddhism , Siddhartha Gautama. His teachings and thoughts represent a great legacy for us. We want to share their wisdom with you!

    Goutama believes in the beauty of passion, joy and transcendence.

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