About us


I want you to know more about us, bro.
Here goes the story.

7 years ago, I realized that there were men willing to take care of their appearance, men who dared to be themselves, looking for effective tools to achieve their goals.

But there was (and still is) a problem, the lack of options in the market to help them reach their goals. It was there when I started with SoyMacho.com and thus contribute to change.

With SoyMacho.com , I was a distributor of personal care products for men, I brought new brands and I designed a shopping experience, designed for men of new times. Counted with diverse products, all with the intention of making sure to offer only the best, for the best.

After accumulating years of experience in the purchase, distribution and use of different brands, I decided that it was time to dare to be the best version of myself and my brand, to turn my community of "macho" men into those bold and responsible for his personal care and building the best for him.

So, I decided to create my own brand, which you now know as Fearless For Men.

The products that I offer you are the result of the knowledge that I have acquired, combined with the spirit of innovation that the market and our society need, we must normalize having a ritual of our personal care.

What characterizes Fearless For Men as a unique brand is that I developed it taking into account the shortcomings of other brands and the limited progress they contained in their formulas.

Excellence requires us to take risks.

I launched Fearless for Men , thinking of men who recognize their own value, who seek to reinvent themselves and are not satisfied, who want to break barriers and who understand personal care, regardless of social construction. Self care is for each and EVERYONE.

I am looking for men who share this vision, who know that boldness always pays off. You are one of them?