10 Things That Make You Age Faster

10 Things That Make You Age Faster

Many of us have bad habits, for example, we leave the toilet lid up and our girlfriends get mad, sometimes we leave the dishes unwashed, and our roommates get mad just the same. However, all bad habits can be corrected if the willingness is there. Correct the bad habits that are most detrimental to your health first, especially those that can cost you your youth or make you look older faster.

  1. Smoke
    The harmful effects of smoking in the short and long term have been known for a long time. The nicotine contained in these cigarettes is highly addictive and can cause the appearance of wrinkles at an early age. So ditch the cigarettes if you don't want to look like a dried up, discolored raisin at a young age.
  2. Don't eat crap
    When you eat junk food you are mistreating your body. You may have the best metabolism in the world, but eventually that same metabolism will hold you accountable later on. It would definitely be a great idea to stop eating out and start cooking at home. But don't get me wrong, the idea is not to avoid going to your favorite restaurants, but the next time you visit try to choose healthier alternatives or, for example, instead of eating the whole plate, eat half and the other part you take it home, here you have tomorrow's lunch planned.
  3. Sedentary life
    If you spend a lot of your time sitting at school or at work, set aside 40 minutes a day for any type of exercise. When we don't exercise we lose the opportunity to feel active and healthy. Not exercising affects cardiovascular health and can increase the possibility of gaining weight and getting sick faster.

  4. lack of exfoliation
    When you exfoliate your face weekly, you remove the superficial impurities that it may store inside the pores. The exfoliation is diluted with the circulation of blood on the face, in this way the skin can feel and shine. There are two types of scrubs, one for the face and one for the body . If you want to take better care of your face you can use a refreshing mask .

  5. leave the seriousness
    Be happy, smile, enjoy and be happy for your achievements and the achievements of others, you will feel good and you will be helping your physical and emotional health. Start enjoying activities that catch your attention or go out to see a movie that makes you laugh. Invest in moments that enrich you, share with people who make you happy or want the best for you.
  6. Lots of time in the sun
    If you are constantly on the beach or doing outdoor sports, you need to wear the right clothing and sunscreen. In this way you avoid skin burns that later in your life may develop into wrinkles, or spots on the skin or in more extreme cases into cancer due to ultraviolet rays.

  7. Few hours of rest
    An adult man needs about 6-8 hours of rest in order to function well. When we do not sleep enough we look bad, we are in a bad mood, exhausted and with a dull look, our body does not have the same reflexes as when it has rested. If you usually have sleep problems or insomnia, try to disconnect from your cell phone, take a bath with hot water or listen to relaxing music, do an inhalation exercise, all these activities lower your heart rate that will later help you fall asleep.

  8. Hold grudges and mistakes of the past
    When we hold grudges we make our whole life bitter. This can cause us to feel discouraged and overwhelmed in many aspects of our lives, in which we must seek improvement. So leave the mistakes of the past right where they belong, what happened is already happened and changes can only be made in the present. Forgive, free yourself from the mistakes of the past and give yourself permission to continue your life and be happy.
  9. Lack of Moisturizers
    We know that moisturizing the skin has multiple benefits , including looking more relaxed and younger. Invest in a cream that benefits you in reducing the appearance of scars, blemishes and expression lines. Choose the product that works best for your skin type.
  10. large amounts of alcohol
    Constantly drinking large amounts of alcohol is detrimental to your health and physical appearance. Alcohol contains large amounts of sugar which then cause dehydration. The day after drinking a lot, you feel body aches, elevated heart rates due to dehydration and a headache, do not let the hangover harm you the next day.

    Always a treat.
    Frederick G.

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