7 common mistakes when growing a beard (and how to avoid them)

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We hear it all the time:

"I can't grow a beard. Trust me, I've tried."

Well, you're going to have to believe us when we tell you that you can. Here are the top 7 mistakes men make when growing beards and how to avoid them.

1. You don't give your beard enough time to grow.

On average, beards grow about half an inch per month. However, keep in mind that your beard can grow slower or faster, depending on genetics, and not all parts of your beard will grow at the same rate. Initially, some areas will start to look full, while others will appear jagged.

It is at this point that some men give up, thinking that they do not have the genetics to grow a beard. The reality is that this part of your beard is simply developing more slowly than the rest.

Men's beards continue to develop well into their 30s. Are you in your twenties and still have a patchy beard? Don't worry, you haven't reached your full beard potential yet.

And no matter how old you are, we recommend that you set aside a full two months to grow a beard.

2. You let your beard go wild

Even in the early stages, you should trim your beard.

As we mentioned earlier, different parts of your beard grow at different rates. After about a month of growth, an untrimmed beard will start to look lopsided. Trimming the longest parts will help reduce the appearance of a patchy beard as the slow-growing areas catch up.

Trimming at the initial stage is easy: choose a machine, the length of the protector and you're done. Same setup all the way around. You can start to shape it further as your beard grows from a stubble to a fuller beard.

3. You neglect your beard, to the point that you let it connect with your chest hair.

A man's beard should not connect with his chest hair.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when a man smiles, his beard should not rise above his jawline. When determining where to draw the line, we recommend that you shave off any growth below the Adam's apple.

4. You wash your beard too much or not enough

Wash your face and beard every day with a specialized beard shampoo.

Once you achieve any length of beard, wash it with a beard shampoo once or twice a week. This will prevent your beard from getting too dry.

5. You let your beard die of thirst, you don't use a moisturizer or beard oil.

Most beard-related problems, including itchiness and dandruff, are easily fixed with proper hydration.

While beard oils are wonderful for softening longer beards, a specially designed moisturizer treats skin conditions that beard oils simply can't address. To give it more strength, apply beard oil after moisturizing.

Remember that soon you will be able to buy oils for your FFM beard.

Wait for them soon!

6. You compare yourself to others.

Every man is unique, just like their beards.

Be confident in who you are and the beard you want to have. Genetics play a role, but just because you can't grow a full beard today, doesn't mean you can't grow a stubble or serious mustache and look good.

In the end, your facial hair is a representation of you and your personality.

Do what makes you happy and don't bother comparing yourself to others.

7. You are not consistent with your growth balm.

This is another very important aspect because YES, our balm does work to help beards grow, but the problem is that many stop being consistent with the routine.

It is not enough to apply it 3 times a week. When we lose our cool or let several days go by between one application and another, the continuous process you need ends, you don't get the results you expected, you feel unmotivated and, of course, you look for the culprit.

So put a cell phone alarm or leave the balm next to your toothbrush or where you can see it, and you can remember to apply it DAILY.

As we have repeated several times, your genetics influences the growth of your beard, so remember to give it a chance and follow a complete personal care routine, your beard will thank you.

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  • Pablo Estrada

    Hermano, todo lo que aquí escribieron es correcto, son las cosas que yo recomiendo cuando me hablan de mi barba, llegue a tenerla de 5 años, hace poco me la corte y ahora la tengo de 1 año y meses, a mi en lo personal me gusta mucho la barba y estoy orgulloso de ella!!

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