If politicians had Man Buns :)

It all started when @FigDrewton on Twitter uploaded a photo of Donald Trump with a Man Bun . The Internet applauded and everyone was happy.

That's when design crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd decided to host a contest, challenging its community to imagine what other politicians and world leaders might look like with a Man Bun .

101 submissions were received and some of them were quite funny. Here are some of the ones we liked the most, but you can see all the submissions on DesignCrowd along with the winners here.

I think many would look better with a Man Bun , but I think that's what makes politics boring, they can't express themselves as they would like.

But anyway, we believe that a little humor is good in life.

I send you a strong greeting and I hope you have gotten a good laugh

Frederick G.

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