The 7 best gifts for Valentine's Day

During the following days the nerves begin, what do I have to give him? How much do I have to spend? will you like it? Those among thousands of questions go through our heads when we think, what are we going to give him for Valentine's Day?

So obviously the brothers of SoyMacho got our act together and we were able to make a list of the 10 best gifts that you could give to that special person for you.

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1-. Experiences.

An excellent gift that does not cost much to make is to generate an experience for your partner, whether it is from a picnic to taking your partner to the Nevado, experiences are things that are actually remembered for much longer than any gift. So give it a head and give something that he will never forget.

Toulca's snowy

two-. Lead your partner to get fat!

As strange as this sounds, it is proven that chocolate is a food which unleashes certain molecules which produce happiness, so what better than taking your partner for an ice cream or a chocolate to some little place that takes him wanting but the diet does not allow it.

Chocolate cake

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3-. a moment to relax

Something that people think is very strange or that makes you look like a pervert is the fact of giving your partner a sensual massage, believe me that there is nothing richer than seeing that your partner cares about taking away those worries and in addition to have a romantic moment while doing it. Nobody is wrong with a massage and even less if they come from hands that you love.


4-. lovestagram

If you both have Instagram , a very original idea would be to make a sliding photo album with the new Lovestagram application. The best application to help you with that cheap and beautiful detail that you want to give him so much.

5-. Netflix and Chill

Give him a movie night at home . How to do it? Download a movie you like and have it ready on TV or Netflix. Prepare yourself some popcorn and two glasses of wine that will accompany you while you watch the movie.
Netflix and Chill

6-. Breakfast in bed.

It is always good to see that they care about us so one day make an effort and dedicate your morning to that person you love so much. make yourself a breakfast romantic accompanied with a note writing something very nice. I am sure you will love it! For breakfast put some strawberries and slices of bread cut in the shape of a heart.

7-. Give him something that makes him feel good.

Over there they told me that there is a wonderful store that is the best gift for all men called , haha, so you can choose from our variety of products to be able to give him something that makes him look and feel incredible during the following days, months or years!

Valentine's Day at SoyMacho

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It's always a pleasure to help you

Federico G.

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