6 Things to do if you're #ForeverAlone on Valentines

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6 Things to do if you're #ForeverAlone on Valentines

First of all we have to explain that Valentine's Day is not for everyone, there are people who do not like to give gifts or simply celebrate a day in which florists and chocolatiers take out their year, so we also understand why they do not love this famous date.

I don't know if this is your case, but if you are going to be single this Valentine's Day (there are times when it is better to be alone) there are many things you can still do without the need to fall into the romance of the date and give all your friends and friends a heart popsicle (if someone keeps doing it, it's not cool at all, we know you bought popsicles in bulk and only found us in the aisle) so we're going to give you a few tips on what to do this February 14th.

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1-. Have a barbecue

Tell all your friends who have no plans or who are single to have a barbecue, buy meat, coals and beer at the nearest supermarket and have a small event with your brothers, watch a sport game or just laugh

two-. Movie/series marathon

We always say that we have to see all the Star Wars movies but you don't have the time, now is the time, you still have plenty of time to make a list of about 4 or 5 movies that you always wanted to see and didn't have the time, so ask a pizza or Chinese food and gorge yourself on the best movies your eyes could see that day (it is highly recommended not to watch romantic movies to avoid sadness on the day)

3-. go to the club

We know that the 14th falls on a Sunday, but that does not mean that on Saturday you cannot go out and pick up someone and have a good time, whether or not you want a relationship in the near future, you can meet someone, possibly even you get a kiss (or something else) on that day.

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4-. read a book

The average number of books that a Mexican reads is 2.6 books a year, we know that most of them may be because they do not have a second in their busy lives and prefer to do other activities that distract them more, but believe me when I tell you to stick with a good book is more exciting than many things. In addition, someone very wise said "to see someone reading a book that you like is to see a book recommending you to a person" .

5-. Use Tinder/ Grinder

If you don't have Tinder or Grinder and you are single, go to the App store (Play Store) and download the App now, Tinder or Grinder is perfect to spend the day with a potential partner who is looking for exactly what you are looking for, be it a have a good time or meet the love of your life, but anyway, you can get a little time in which you do not think about the romance of Valentine .

6-. have your normal day

This may be the best advice of all. Many people believe that a lot of relaxation should be done for this day, in reality you have to do amazing things for your partner every second you are with him or her. But the worst thing that has happened at the moment when this date was given so much importance is that if you don't have "anyone" as a partner, your day must change, I know that now I am contradicting everything I said in advance (those are just examples for people who may need them) but in reality you can do your normal day and not worry about what people say or do, in the end life belongs to each one and each one lives it as they want .

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