12 reasons to date a beard

12 reasons to date a beard

“Honestly, I adore men with beards” – All women

We have a unique charm that makes anyone fall in love. We have a protective and strong image that makes them want to be in our arms and feel protected by your side. As boyfriends we are incredible, because we have the perfect mix between mystery and romanticism that few of us can have, plus these 12 reasons that will show you that men with beards are the best couples.

  1. We provoke respect among other men

It is as if he were the “alpha male”. That manly appearance that the beard gives us gives us a certain status compared to men who do not have facial hair, so they tend to respect it even more.

  1. We look good with any outfit

With whatever. From a pajama or t-shirt to the most elegant suit. Nobody knows how or why we always look good, but the truth is that we will never see ourselves badly dressed.

  1. See you very strong and protective

The masculinity that we wear thanks to his beard makes him look like a strong man and that he seems to have a protective image with which you will feel very safe at all times.

  1. Although it stings a little, you like to caress our face and feel the beard

In addition, men with beards like to have their faces caressed, because the nerve endings in the skin are activated, making them feel more comfortable by your side.

  1. Our tough image blends perfectly with her romantic personality.

We tend to see each other as tough and mysterious guys. However, under all that beard hides someone who can become very romantic if you make a connection with us. You will be surprised how good it will make you feel and the love that we will show you every day.

  1. We have very good genes

Exactly. A man with a long beard is synonymous with a man with a lot of testosterone in his body, which means that he has better genes (and sperm) when it comes to procreating. So your children will be much healthier.


And sexy. Even with the worst outfit we look masculine. The idea of virility that the beard gives will always remain when you look at us again and again. Also, admit it, you love our beard and the sexy way we wear it.

  1. we are healthier

The beard protects the skin from being affected by the sun's UV rays. According to a study by the University of Southern Queensland, in Australia, bearded men have a healthier life, because by avoiding contact with ultraviolet rays, their skin remains free of aging and skin cancer.

  1. We look mature and intellectual.

We have that wise and mysterious air. The beard, in fact, gives us that masculine and older touch that you like and that you can only find in such a man. His beard is synonymous with experience and a lot of wisdom.

  1. We will never go out of fashion.

Lumbersexuals are in fashion and always will be. The unique style that bearded men have has looked good in the past, now, and it will look good forever, so you don't have to deal with an unfashionable image.

  1. We are much more sensual.

We feel more sure of ourselves and that air of mystery will make it look much more sensual in front of them. They will never get tired of seeing us.

  1. we are just perfect

Men with beards, honestly, we are always perfect. We have a unique beauty, an impressive masculinity and an air of mystery that will keep you enchanted forever. The joy of having a man with a beard by their side is surprising, because they will always have someone to protect them, pamper them and make them feel like the most loved woman in the world.

In addition, they love that unique sensuality that it has.

always a treat

Frederick G.

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