The definition of dress codes.

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For a long time we men have screwed up with dress codes, we always end up turning to either our parents or our partner, that must end. As long as this martyrdom of lack of information ends, we wanted to make a simple guide which tells you how to dress depending on each dress code that exists.

Label / Rigorous label

The highest degree of formality that exists, the outfit that you should always use is made up of a tuxedo and accessories such as a bow tie or tie, patent leather shoes and more than anything you should drop your wallet because in these cases you can see the quality of what you wear and people notice. Always use colors like black and white.



At every wedding, baptism, first communion or bar mitzvah you should most likely use this dress code. We recommend that you wear a suit in dark or neutral tones and that they are completely plain. Use a pair of cufflinks to give it an extra touch of elegance and ALWAYS wear atie . The forbidden: very bright colors, prints and shoes without laces.



The best way to put together outfits of this type is with a shirt with a stiff collar, lace-up shoes, a jacket and suit pants. The tie is optional. Try to use colors, here if it is worth giving the matter a little fun.



It is very similar to the semi-formal, but with a touch of flavor, when we say flavor we mean that you can add more details, be it a handkerchief or a more casual tie and try to choose slim fit suits, shoes with a touch are accepted more classic.



The most formal within the casual. To get this type of outfit you should prefer blue, black and brown tones. He wears the tucked-in shirt and a jacket or blazer over it. No tie is worn.

Smart Casual SoyMacho


It is used on occasions that require very little formality. Perfect for a meal with friends or a gathering at home. You can wear a pair of jeans or khaki pants and combine them with a shirt, a polo-type blouse or, if necessary, a t-shirt. Cover up from the cold with a leather jacket or college sweater.

Casual SoyMacho


Normally you would use it that famous Friday at the office, but the detail of achieving a good outfit is to look relaxed but at the same time ready to do business. Some options would be a blazer, dress pants, a collared shirt, and loafers.

Business Casual SoyMacho

Casual Sports

It's not the gym, many people automatically hear (or read) sport and think that you should wear exercise pants or shorts. Instead of pants, wear denim and add some cotton T-shirt -Tank Tops are FORBIDDEN (those that show shoulders)-, tennis shoes and a hoodie (sports sweatshirt).

Casual Sport SoyMacho

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