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For days I have had the feeling of leaving the city for a while and going to rest, to discover something new, to experiment, to dream, to create new projects, to plan new goals and to rethink many things.
A few years ago, in 2011 to be exact, it was my first big, big trip... it was to Paris. Definitely a city that until you see it live, you can't say you really love it. I remember being so scared. Fear of the new, of getting out of my comfort zone and trying something different.

And it is that I have always said that I am very earthy, that my element is earth (although who knows the truth), if I am not with my feet on the ground my balance is found who knows where. My security is minimal, so not to mention getting on some mechanical game, Wheel of Fortune? Bitch! I see you from here!
Anyway, that's the dilemma, but talking about flying aircraft is something else. After a 16-hour trip (where I verified that one can mentally program oneself not to stop in the bathroom), it is an incredible experience, seeing the clouds from the highest point that the plane reaches is an unparalleled experience. After that trip I decided to do more and more trips. Then I went to Rome, then San Francisco, Miami, and then back to Paris. When I hear the phrase that "Travel opens the mind" it is true. I think that just like going to school, all people should travel outside their country at least once in their life. Go to know another culture, other customs. I think that the simple fact of being in a place where your language is not spoken makes you understand that the world is huge, that we are passing by and that it is not you against the world, but you with the world.

When I'm planning a trip to wherever I'm going to go, the first thing I think about is to enjoy myself and in all the eyeballs you can give me, I'm a man, it's nature hahaha. The second thing is the suitcases, the problem I think of the majority that travels, unless we have a budget that allows us to pay for being overweight, well, excess baggage, being overweight, I think not yet.
Anyway, the last trip I made they had given me a briefcase. A very cool briefcase, and you don't know how terrified I was because it was stolen, you may have already heard that they open the suitcases, etc. Well, the point and not to make this post so long, is that I always like to arrive as little suitcases, the famous carry-on bags. And obviously I like them to be pretty, to be presumable. Because if they are simple and common, then you better let them take her downstairs, no one will see her there. And just yesterday, searching in one of my now favorite pages SOYMACHO , I found one that I think if I had it, I would get on the plane and/or bus showing it off.
Wurkin Stiffs - Leather Briefcase
It is a perfect briefcase for traveling, I mean I can already see myself putting away the butter they give for breakfast (hahaha), it comes with a Holster for the cell phone protected with RFID technology, it comes with an almost secret pocket that holds an umbrella, and let's forget about carrying around apart, that it is something very annoying, and that all of us who have traveled with something in hand have forgotten it and lost it somewhere on earth... all of us! It's handcrafted from Italian calfskin, the lining is covered in suede fabric for durability so it doesn't just last you one trip and that's it. The design is totally suitable for a college student as well as for a businessman.
So for sure, this item will be one of my companions on my next trip! (I already saw myself).
I urge you, a young man who is going to graduate, or who is going to celebrate an event that needs a considerable amount of money, consider traveling, living a unique experience in life, and that will be of great emotional growth. They say that the only thing we take with us when we die are precisely those, the experiences lived to the fullest.
And well, it is worth telling you that if you need to obtain the best accessories for your trip, visit SOYMACHO , that there you will find that and even products so that if you are hairless, well, change that, and go on your trip like a big man.
PS: They say that with a beard whatever destination you go, you will have "success"... U know what i mean...

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