14 Tips to Achieve Happiness

14 things that make you happier

Achieving happiness is not as complicated as you think, we do not come into the world with an instruction manual, so you have to develop your own happiness formula. We have all the capabilities to achieve it, however, a little motivation is always needed. Your greatest motivation will be to stop being conformist and work daily . Just as we help you establish good routines for skin , hair and body care, here we show you how to master this more abstract part, which is happiness. The following 14 tips will guide you on the right track. Remember , you must establish a routine and make your daily challenges come true. Remember: He who seeks, finds .

Did you know that Harvard University offered a course on how to achieve happiness?
The class called "Positive Psychology" taught by Professor Tal Ben Shahar, caught the attention of 1,400 students. 20% of Harvard graduates take this elective course. According to Professor Shahar, the class was focused on happiness, self-esteem and motivation. This offers students key tools to achieve success and be happier. The 35-year-old teacher, considered "The Guru of Happiness" highlights in his class 14 key tips to improve the quality of our emotional state, promoting a positive life.

1. Thank God for Everything You Have
Write on a piece of paper 10 things you have in your life that give you happiness. Focus on the good things!

2. Practice Physical Activity
Experts say that exercising helps improve mood, 30 minutes of exercise is the best antidote against sadness and stress.

3. Eat breakfast
Some people skip breakfast due to lack of time or to avoid gaining weight. Studies show that having breakfast gives energy, helps the cognitive process and successfully perform your activities.
14 things to make you happier
4. Be Assertive
Ask what you want and say what you think. Being assertive helps improve your self-esteem; being left and remaining silent generates sadness and hopelessness.

5. Spend Your Money on Experiences
A study revealed that 75% of people felt happier when they invested their money in trips, adventures, courses and classes; while only 34% said they feel happier when they buy things.

6. Meet the Challenges
Studies show that the more you put off something, the more anxiety and tension you generate. Write small tasks weekly and accomplish them.

7. Remember the Beautiful Moments
Paste beautiful memories, phrases and photos of your loved ones everywhere. Fill your fridge, your computer, your desk, your room and your life with beautiful memories!

8. Say hello
Always say hello and be nice to other people: More than a hundred studies show that just smiling changes your mood.

9. Wear comfortable shoes
If your feet hurt, you get cranky, says Dr. Keinth Wapner, president of the American Orthopedic Association.

14 things to make you happier
10. Watch Your Posture
Walking straight with your shoulders slightly back and your eyes forward helps maintain a good mood.

11. Listen to Music
It is proven that listening to music makes you want to sing and dance, this will make your life happy .

12. You are what you eat
Do not skip meals, eat a snack every 3 or 4 hours and keep your glucose levels stable, avoid excess white flour and sugar, vary your food and eat everything, healthily.

13. Get dressed up and feel attractive
Get handsome! 41% of people say they feel happier when they think they look good.

14. Practice Your Faith
Believe fervently in God, with Him nothing is impossible! You have to be determined with happiness and strive to achieve it, we just need a push to achieve it.
Happiness is like a remote control: we lose it every so often, we go crazy looking for it and many times without knowing it, we are sitting on top of it.

Always a treat.

Frederick G.

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