February 14, the Great Day to Show off

It's February and that means the weather is chilly, spring is just around the corner, and love is in the air.

Here at SoyMacho.com, we know the importance of keeping that glorious beard looking and smelling its best, especially around your Valentine . With February 14th fast approaching, we're here to help and teach you how to learn the best way to ensure your glowing face and desirable beard is nice, clean, soft, kissable and touchable.


No one wants to run their hands through a coarse, coarse, greasy beard. A healthy beard is a clean and caressable beard. That is why we offer our Beard and Mustache care and maintenance line with Shampoos and Aromatized Waxes .

A healthy beard is a clean and caressable beard. Learn about the products here .

The entire collection is specially designed to handle the toughest and thickest beards. The Beard wash is necessary to keep it clean and smelling fresh and crisp, while the conditioner will soften your Beard to be stroked. These products, the Beard Shampoo and Conditioner , as well as the Beard Soaps , when used together are the perfect coup to maintain the look, shine and scent of your coveted Beard.



If you're going to kiss your Valentine , you want to make sure it's going to be a memorable kiss. Relax, we've got you covered, bro. Beard oils are designed to moisturize, soften and condition your beard, keeping it soft, shiny and healthy. But the added bonus is the scent – ​​our citrus spice beard oil is perfect for those intimate, personal moments. The unique combination of grapefruit and spices has a solid aroma, but not overpowering. It is a light and fresh aroma that guarantees to revitalize the relationship with your partner


Any bearded man who knows himself knows an undeniable truth about working his Beard and Mustache into an epic style: sometimes it can get in the way. Whether it's eating a burger or kissing your partner, there are times when you'd rather not end up with a mouth full of your own mustache! Therefore, it is important to invest in a good Beard and Mustache Wax . Waxes are made to give your mustache a natural stability, keeping it out of your food and out of your way when you're with her. Want to make sure that intimate moment isn't interrupted by a few flying mustaches? Apply some Beard and Mustache Wax and tame that Beard and Mustache . Your Valentine will thank you.

Now that you're up to speed, stock your dresser with essentials, and you'll be ready to go out and find that special someone and ask them the basic question, "Would you like to be my Valentine ?"

With love,

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