The perfect tips to make your tan last

The best tips to make your tan last

We men know that there is nothing better than showing off a golden tone worthy of an artist. But getting it requires certain care and basic steps.

Enjoy a fresh and long-lasting tan, after all, you are going to want to get it this Easter.

To achieve a good tan you need to prepare and treat your skin during and after sun exposure.

Tips for while tanning

You are ready, your skin is prepared for the sun, but this does not mean that you can lie on the beach and start the race towards the perfect tan just like that. If you do not protect your skin with Sunscreen , the only thing you will achieve is to look like a crab, and then see how your skin peels off, being stained and finally white again. This, not to mention the damage you caused to your skin, which are irreparable.

The sun's rays are very harmful to the skin, deliberate exposure to the sun, in addition to being able to generate skin cancer, promotes premature aging of the skin and with it, of course, the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes .

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Therefore, when tanning we must do it with adequate protection. The whiter the skin, the more Sunscreen is needed, just like if you have freckles or light hair.

When choosing your sunscreen, make sure it protects against UVB and UVA rays and is water resistant. Remember that you should apply it 20 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun and reapply it every 1 hour, after a long bath or after drying yourself with a towel.

Tips for after tanning

The care does not end yet, on the contrary, after exposure to the sun it is essential to give our skin the treatments it needs.

Food has a very important role here again. First of all, drink plenty of water, in order to rehydrate your body and your skin, which tends to dry out after sun exposure.

In addition, the consumption of foods rich in beta-carotene is also essential at this stage, as they contribute to prolonging the tan and keeping the skin beautiful. Therefore, do not forget the carrot and orange juices and the vegetables that will help you maintain that golden tone.

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The hydration of the skin after the sun is also very important. Try to moisturize your skin every day after showering, with a lotion based on aloe vera, almond oil or wheat germ, which are especially moisturizing. Vitamin E is also essential at this stage, as it prevents premature aging and repairs tissues. For after tanning, apply an aloe vera after sun gel , this will hydrate and decongest your skin quickly.

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