What beard style suits my face?

what type of beard suits your face best

Since we did the article on what haircut suits my face best? People have been begging us to do one of the beard and of course here it is. We will start with the basics, there is a saying that goes like this "he who has a beard should take care of it or else sell it" or something like that, although we still do not understand how someone would buy a beard, unless it is the beard of Dan Bilzerian, that's worth a good wool, having said that you know that beard care products depend on several aspects, such as length, type of hair and style you want.

But hey, if you don't know what kind of face you have, you just have to look in the mirror and try to find the most similar to you possible.


If you have a round face, the best thing you can do is leave a beard with a slightly longer chin, but it is not recommended that you use a lot of volume, otherwise your beard will be longer than your face, and that is not good. . So go for a slightly longer beard than your 3-day stubble and with your chin slightly longer than your other parts.

round face


The worst thing you can do for this type of face is to leave a long beard since you will only give more volume to your face and being a creditor of a square face you do not want that. We recommend you leave the typical 3-day beard , obviously not to mark the lines of the beard so that it does not look so structured.

square face


It should be a little short in the chin but longer in the cheek area, so you will give the right dimensions to your face.

triangle face


Here what you should try to do is give that symmetry to your face, so we invite you to try a slightly longer beard and leave that rounder shape to your beard to generate that harmony that we are talking about. The good thing about oval faces is that all beard styles suit them, but that means you have a bigger responsibility, always looking perfect!

Oval face

Remember that you always have or don't have a beard , there are cares for your beard and for your skin that you have to follow, we recommend these two articles, in which we talk about how to achieve the perfect shave and how to achieve the best care for your beard .

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Always a treat.

Frederick G.

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