The Beard Gives Power - 6 Tips on how to take care of it

1. Get yourself an electric shaver to trim down

This will help you not to look like women who, every time you want to fix your beard, have to go to the nearest barbershop, use number 2 if you have thick hair or if you have thin hair use number three, reduce it all even and clean the neck 2 fingers above the Adam's apple, that's exactly where your beard should start.

The beard is something that has revolutionized the way we men see ourselves, no one is interested in the typical man with a baby face anymore, every day women look for more masculine men and the beard is something that defines us, just Take a look at the catwalks lately, and they put only dudes with beards and one is stranger than the other, so you have to take advantage of it and if you are one of us and you have a beard, this article is for you, I will give you 6 tips to take care of your beard because It's okay to say you have a dirty beard, but no one is going to kiss you if you have a dirty net.

2. Find the style that suits you

A lot of people try to adopt styles that don't suit them so don't be one of those guys who gets weird styles that will only make you look bad, my recommendation is to grow your beard 100% shave your neckline (previously mentioned) and that of the cheeks, from then on your creativity is the limit, start with the beard of the typical padlock, go on to the Italian (mustache and goatee) and then why not, you could try a mustache, one of us actually we look great with the mustache.

3. Brush it

If you have a beard long enough to make it look disheveled, it's always good to have a small brush for it, just run it from top to bottom all over your beard, it won't take more than 3 minutes and will improve your look a lot.

4. Do not hurt the beard

This is what I mean to all those people who like to try to remove the buried hairs with their own hands, the only thing you make look like a puberty who, apart from a beard, has pimples and that takes away the coolness. So buy some tweezers or just leave them out, trust me it looks worse if you try to take them out than if you leave them there, they will eventually come off.

5. The length of the beard

This part goes hand in hand with the style, it is important to recognize when our face changes, a very thin and short beard does not give the beard so much strength and you look like a child who is beginning to leave it, instead if you leave it too much your face can start to look like a balloon and as you leave it longer and longer your face changes completely, many people long beard makes them look fat, unless that is your wish I recommend you not to reach that limit.

6. Wash your face

This part is extremely important since even though the beard should look dirty, it should not be dirty, since you can contain infections if you go too dirty, remember the joke is to seem like it works for you while in reality you matter, try to wash your face once or twice a day, either with neutral soap or flat if you like with an exfoliating soap.

Bonus tip- - If you are old enough to grow a beard, try it according to some studies gray hair in the beard is something that women are attracted to so go ahead, apart from this cold season believe me it makes you unemployed to have a little more hair with which to cover yourself.

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