How to avoid a bad shave

Use these tips for the smoothest shave

Have you ever wondered why so many people are growing beards? It could be because of the good fashion that is being lived or it could also be because nobody knows how to shave properly and they prefer to have a long beard than to show the cuts and burns on their face and neck.

That is why we will give you the best tips so that you can use any of the looks you want.

1-. Take a shower with a good steam – Hot water soothes hair as well as skin, thus reducing the tension that is generated through the razor towards your face.

two-. Wrap yourself in cream – Take your shaving cream or soap and apply it to your face, massage for 1-2 minutes, too lazy to do this? Remember that a dry shave increases the tension between the blade and the skin, causing your face to become irritated.

3-. Switch Blades – Most of the time you feel too much tension or you end up very irritated it may be that your knife is already too worn or worn out, so switching to a new knife can alleviate the feeling of tension and improve those traits in general. Your face.

4-. Go with the flow – It is very important to try not to shave against the direction of hair growth, it may give you a closer shave but this will generate more irritation, this will cause some hairs to be buried since when you reverse cut, the shave it goes to the subcutaneous section and when the hair tries to grow back it is covered by the same skin and begins to tangle.

5-. Relax with the pressure – There is no good enough scientific reason that says that if you shave with more pressure you will get a better shave. So relax and let that leaf flow.

6-. Wash and Repeat – It is important that after each pass of the sheet to your face you rinse the sheet with hot or lukewarm water. When you clean the blade try not to hit the blade against a hard surface as it damages the blade and generates variations in the edge, which will cause you to get irritated. If you have any questions, you can always see our article on the best beard products (

7-. Go Smooth – When you're done shaving use an After Shave or Facial Moisturizer so your skin suffers as little as possible from skin wear.

Remember that all this will work for any of the styles you want to have, this information on how to take care of the beard saved me from all the irritations and red marks on my neck


We hope this is of your help

Frederick G.

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