Top 5 hair styles SoyMacho summer 2015

It is clear that this year's trend is: short on the sides and a little longer in the center, however there are many variations of this same cut that can turn your look into your personal style:

1.Man bun

It is a universal truth that any man with a bun is 7 times more attractive. If you have long hair, gather it from your forehead and tie it with a hair tie on top of your head. To achieve this look we recommend using >Shampoo< and >Conditioner< suitable for your hair.
It is advisable to accompany this style with a beard .


This style is comfortable and innovative; It consists of the central part of the hair being the longest and that it gradually decreases. The central part can be as long as you like, allowing you to be creative and experiment. It always looks better when styled with >hair wax <

3.Side part

We didn't see it coming, but one of the most classic styles is back: the side parting. It looks best when no hair comes out of place, so it is advisable to accommodate the hair with a >comb< and use >gel< to make it fixed.


This cut is ideal for all hair types. To achieve this, you just have to trim the sides and leave the central part long. You can style it in different ways, but it is important that you use >wax< to style your hair and >spray or mousse< to make it last all day.


This summer is the time to let your hair grow, you will get a carefree and fresh look. It is important that your hair is hydrated with a >treatment< , that you wash it with a good >Shampoo< and apply a >Conditioner< to prevent it from getting tangled.

We hope this information will help you get your best style this summer!
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Frederick G.

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