Your smell matters more than you think.

Don't think they don't notice! It is proven that women have a much better sense of smell than us. Besides, they have better olfactory memory; So, if you smell bad, he won't forget it!

On the other hand, a good aroma can arouse attraction and desire because smell is linked to its emotional aspect.

The women's favorites are:

1. Citrus: they highlight masculinity in a fresh and relaxed way. These aromas generate sensations of emotion, feelings of passion and sensuality.

>Calvin Klein-One<

>Dolce&Gabbana-Light Blue<

>Christian Dior-Eau Savage<

2. Woody: they transmit a manly character and make you look elegant, seductive and sophisticated.

>Paco Rabanne-One Million<


>Carolina Herrera-212<

At SoyMacho we have these and many other lotion options that complement your personality. You know what they want... it's a matter of you getting your act together, brother.

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