- How to make a store with less than $30k

Few online stores are successful, why? Nobody knows, but here we give you 14 steps to follow that will make you succeed as

Many people are afraid to start a business, one of the biggest problems with that is because most of the time, to start a business you need a lot of money, but what if we told you that there is a store that launched to test an idea with $30,000 and after 3 months they were selling $150,000, would you dare to do it? Of course! That is why we had the opportunity to talk with its 4 partners and have them explain to us how they did it and recommend some steps to follow for all those entrepreneurs who want to throw themselves but don't dare.

They suggested these 14 steps:

1-. Check that your idea is not stupid, first of all the most important thing is to bounce your idea with people you think and consider intelligent, there you will find out if your idea is something valid, or you are going to make the biggest Cuba in the world in the stadium Aztec.

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