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Anti-Aging for Him

Ok Guys .. let's net. I know that most of you are ENEMIES of getting things muddy on your body. That is why many men run away from creams, sunscreens, moisturizers, etc. But the reality is that being vato does not exempt you from having to deal with the effects of the sun and the natural effects of aging.

There comes an age when you realize that it would really have helped you a lot to take care of yourself from a young age (and generally when you notice it, it's because it's too late now)... Don't crush me, I'm not saying there's no remedy, but the damage is already done done. That's why it's better to be safe than sorry!

I want to introduce you to two brands that handle spectacular anti-aging creams and that will surely work! Dermalite and Novaderma. These brands are basically the Latin American equivalent of products like Bioderm, but they cost half as much (or less)!

The Celier, from Dermalite, is used to depigment. For this reason, it helps a lot with dark circles, dark spots on the skin and any unevenness in the tonality that you may have! The most worth mentioning quality of this cream is that when used, it injects small amounts of vitamin-C into your skin restoring your youth and fighting any signs of aging! It is a small Spa for your pores in which you will noticeably rejuvenate!

Dermalite - Celier Plus Depigmenting and Anti-Aging Gel

On the other hand, the Renovalift cream, from Novaderma, helps to tighten the skin that surrounds the circumference of the eye, which generally loses collagen with age and for this reason begins to hang and become flaccid. This prevents wrinkles and crow's feet (which we all hate)!

Novaderma - Renovalift Eye Cream

And surely you are thinking, “where do I get these wonderful products?” There is an online store/blog called where you can find everything you need for your skin care and basically any other product related to personal care that a man may need.

From the basic and necessary to have in your bathroom and at hand and also of course one or another whim (why not!). I really recommend you to try these products and tell me what you think and what were the results you saw. Remember that these treatments require constant so don't be lazy dears and put on this cream EVERY night before bed!

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