4 things that make you look more handsome

4 tips to look more handsome
If you give me approximately 3 minutes I will give you 4 tips to see you better.

There are certain things you can do to your body, face, attitude, that take a few seconds and will make you more attractive and more handsome.

    1. Eliminate Acne, it kills your self-esteem waking up and seeing yourself in the mirror having pimples, the worst of all is that eliminating them completely is not difficult, you just need a good routine;
      1. Wash your face with a special soap - when you don't wash your face, your face reserves all the dirt you live with daily and keeps it on your face that's when pimples come out, then it can be removed just by washing your face
      2. A Scrub - you can use this 1 or 2 times a week, only and only if you are using soap to cleanse your face. This cleanses your face on a very deep level so you definitely kill off those impurities.
    2. A lotion, many men think that it is not important, since "they do not smell bad" but not smelling bad is very different from smelling good, that's why I recommend that you find a lotion that you like and use it every day.
    3. A moisturizing cream for the face... all the problems you are afraid of are because your face lacks hydration, most of the time your face dries out, some pimple or impurity ends up coming out, so I recommend using a cream to continue toning your skin and you don't look bad.
  1. Find what kind of cut suits you, by this I mean your beard and your hair, many people think that having one fits the other and they couldn't be further from the truth, your beard style should go hand in hand. hand with your hair. If you lack inspiration you can always google and see what you want to have and go from there.

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always a treat

Frederick G.

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