4 hair products you should be using, but aren't

4 products for your hair that you should be using SoyMacho

4 Hair Products You're Not Using (But You Should)

The number of styling products on the shelves these days can be a bit overwhelming with words like "paste", "pomade", "wax" and "powder" being used in endless combinations. The best way to cut the noise? See what you already wear for clues on where to head next. We're not saying your Imperial hair pomade doesn't work, but there's nothing wrong with seeing what else is around. You never know, the best hair of your life could be just a simple swap away.

If you're looking for some volume and some hold, try a dry shampoo that, like hairspray, also comes in spray form. Dry shampoo removes oil, creating texture and thickness with a matte finish. The bonus? Zero viscosity.

If you use hair gel, try a water-based pomade. Meet our gels here

If you like to slick your hair back or just want something that smoothes and adds shine, buy a water-based pomade that has the same effect as hair gel without the crunch. If you want to dial in the shine going for a clay-based pomade, you're more likely to get a matte finish.

If you use hair wax try the spray. Meet our waxes here

If you're using a pot of paste to ensure your hair looks messy but put together, a texturizing spray could give you what you're looking for with less effort and mess. Salt sprays are known for creating the perfect messy look, but if your hair is prone to dryness try a sugar spray instead.

If you use the styling cream try the invisible oil. If you want to give thirsty strands some moisture while controlling curls (and frizz), you can use less product and get more intense results with a hair oil instead of a straightening cream. Look for "invisible" or lightweight formulas that won't weigh down your hair, unless you know you can handle intensive hydration.

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