What they prefer: the best fragrances to win her over.

Brothers of Soy Macho,

One of the ways to attract women today is by having a scent that appeals to them. Does the phrase “We should always leave a good first impression” sound familiar to you? Well, we must know that the strongest sense for our memory is smell, so what women think of you will depend on that.

Do you know the diversity of aromatic personalities?

Studies show that aroma is a very important factor for physical attraction and sexual performance since there are different smells that stimulate different hormones.

The best-selling lotions on the market contain these fragrances since they are the ones that are most attractive to women and with which they will surely turn to see you when they pass by you.

This is why, as you are a brother, we will share with you the different fragrances that make you someone special for each one of them. Click on any of the articles for more details


woman's personality

Articles I'm Male


  • Persevering and ambitious
  • Haughty and natural leaders
  • Geo FT-Limon
  • Freshman Cologne
  • West Indian
  • SandalWood
  • Colony of Lima
  • woody

    • They flee from criticism and rejection.
    • quiet personality.
    • Without pretentions.
  • Truefitt & Hill
  • West Indian
  • SandalWood
  • oriental scents

    • Idealistic
    • organized
    • productive
  • Geo FT-Limon
  • Geo FT-Sandalwood
  • SandalWood
  • herbal

    • Rebel
    • You like to set your own rules
  • Truefitt & Hill
  • Geo FT-Sandalwood
  • Geo F.T. Malborough
  • Geo FT Bay Rum

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    Now, you just have to choose which fragrance you prefer to use to attract the woman of your dreams. L


    The brothers of Soy Macho.

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