If life came with instructions...

For many aspects of our lives, we may not be very clear about how we can achieve our goals and we wish we had an instruction manual or something that tells us the best method to achieve things. Definitely, many times we believe that we are doing it right and we have no idea of the consequences that may arise.
Anyway, there are a lot of things we can't give you instructions for, but as your bros, we want to help you where we can. That is why here is the recipe to achieve the hairstyle you are looking for without sacrificing the health of your hair and we present the best styling products:
Layrite Styling Spray is a dry styling product that will help prevent stiff or crunchy hairstyles.
The Style Masters curl activator is a product that will help you achieve strong and defined curls with a tendency to frizz. It also has other benefits such as a shiny look, high hold and maximum control.
D:fi hairspray is a high hold spray to get your best style. To apply, hold the spray 20cm away from the hair and spray until desired hold is achieved.
Imperial's classic pomade helps to give different fixing capacities based on the amount of water used in order to achieve different styles with just one product. Helps give a semi-shiny tone.
Don Porfirio's handcrafted waterproof afro comb has been treated with Don Porfirio Tonic, giving them a spectacular aroma and helping to soften and moisturize the hair with each use.

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