Is your hair healthy? We give you the tips to have healthy hair

Is your hair healthy? We give you the tips to get strong hair

May your future not look like this.


One of the great fears of all men is the question that at some point in our lives our hair may start to fall out, many times we are told that it is genetic but there are several factors that affect hair growth throughout your life and promote hair loss . Then we are going to give you a hand and give you a few tips to take advantage of and others to prevent hair loss . Of course genetics influences it too much, but many people carelessly drop it, don't be one of them

As always we like to make lists because it is simpler and more direct so here goes:

  1. Temperature changes hit your hair in the tower, you can notice that when you go to the beach and see that the heat, humidity and various factors destroy your hair .
  2. Our diet is a fundamental part of our hair , so everything you eat is essential to get that strong and healthy hair you want, meat is a super ally in these situations.
  3. In addition to stinking, cigarettes mess up your hair, simply because I don't know a sane person who likes to smell cigarettes every day of his life, so you come home and take a bath, bathing is not always the best thing, especially when it is daily, the thing here is that you understand that we are not telling you to stop bathing, but to use the correct treatments so that your hair does not suffer the consequences.
  4. The conditioner is a brother that makes you unemployed, but like good brothers it is not always good to take advantage of them, so moderate its use, using it only 2 or 3 times a week at most.
  5. If you suffer from hair loss, it may not be due to genetic issues but due to some nutritional deficiency, stress, exercise (swimming or excessive sweating)... Today there are foods and supplements that can stop hair loss as long as it is not for a reason genetics.
  6. There is also alopecia ( it is the abnormal loss or rarefaction of hair, for which the term is considered a synonym of baldness ) for that there are treatments , which it should be emphasized that they are not cheap, that they help you fight it, it is not a fight easy but it is one that must be fought.
  7. Give yourself a massage, pamper yourself, massage improves blood flow and stimulates the follicles so if you are treating it well and give yourself a head massage once a month, you can greatly benefit your hair.


We hope they serve you and that you do not end up like Loco Valdéz


always a treat

Federico G.

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