5 foods you don't know are screwing up your diet

5 foods you don't know are screwing up your diet

5 foods you don't know are screwing up your diet

There are certain foods that can ruin our diet thinking that they are good for us. Take note of these wolves in sheep's clothing!

The first thing we do when looking for a balanced diet is to eliminate sweets, fats and fried foods from our menu. But what we do not know is that there are some foods that are "sold" as healthy and that, in reality, are throwing our diet overboard.

Read labels, consult nutrition and physical activity professionals like the ones you can find at Entrenarme , and learn how to differentiate between products and real food .

Foods that affect our healthy diet

packaged juices

These juices, which are consumed daily, have a very high sugar content. In fact, they have already been compared, in several studies, to soft drinks and carbonated drinks.

If what we want is to hydrate ourselves, the best option is water. If what we are looking for is to eat fruit, it is always better to have a piece of fresh fruit or squeeze the juice ourselves at home.


Honey has always been identified as the perfect substitute for sugar, the faithful ally of those who have removed sugar from their lives. And so it is, although taken in excess it can become an enemy.

Use honey to sweeten your meals, but always in moderation. And always choose the least treated honey on the market.

light cheese

Light products can lead to many deceptions. This type of cheese is much lower in calories than regular cheese, but the amounts of saturated fat it contains are still very high.

Its occasional consumption does not have to mean a health problem, but it is better to choose cottage cheese or fresh cheese as healthy options.

Cereal bars

Cereal bars are a clear example of the healthy snack trap . In fact, its caloric intake can be compared to that of a package of sweets due to the high amounts of sugar per unit.

Eliminate it from your diet permanently and replace them with 60 grams a day of nuts , which provide protein and healthy fats.


Sauces are totally superfluous nutritionally. They mainly provide calories and fat and invite us to eat a greater amount of food than we really need.

Limit the consumption of sauces to special moments and, in case it costs you too much to eliminate them from your diet, always prepare your own sauces at home.

If you really want to have a healthy and balanced life, learn to eat and move. If you don't know where to start, count on the help of a nutritionist and/or a personal trainer to help you change your lifestyle .

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