5 Apps for the modern man

5 apps for the modern man SoyMacho

5 Apps for the modern man

If we did a survey on what are the topics that most interest modern men, what would we find? Technology, money, sports, professional success and things like optimization of time would be some of the most frequent answers, are we wrong? For these concerns that are part of everyday life, we have developed a list of applications that should not be missing from the smartphone of modern men:

Information, information, information

There is no more interesting man than the one who has a million topics to talk about and a solid opinion thanks to being informed of the most relevant things . News Republic is the ideal tool for this; It has more than 1,650 media outlets dealing with international issues related to politics, culture, entertainment, sports, fashion, and the economy. Available for Android and iOS .

Time saving

Maximize your time by not doing tiresome tasks. Use Mercadoni to do your shopping while you're at the gym, at work or waiting in an airport lounge. Save hours standing in lines at supermarkets and buy everything you need with this app that allows you to receive all your groceries at your doorstep or wherever you want. . Available on Android and iOS

to exercise the mind

With so many hours of work it is also important to find a way to strengthen your mind. Luminosity is an app to exercise mental acuity. With dozens of games designed by neuroscientists to improve intellectual performance. The games adapt to your performance to keep you challenged, helping you develop tools for your day to day. Available on Android and iOS .

stay fit

Whether it's because you want to be more attractive or simply to stay healthy, physical exercise is an activity that you should do. Seven offers training programs, seven minutes per session, that help you along the way. Available on Android and iOS .

take care of your wallet

George Best, football legend, once said: "I've spent a lot of money on women, alcohol and cars... I wasted the rest." than George. This this app will be very useful to you since you will be able to register your daily expenses and classify them according to your priorities; make budgets for trips, etc. Available on Android and iOS .

It is always a pleasure to be able to give advice on how to have an easier and simpler life, after all, technology has taught us a lot about how things and tasks can be achieved without having to waste so much time.

Frederick G.

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