5 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Beard.



No matter how dedicated your beard care routine is, or how long you've had a beard, all of us fall into bad habits. Unfortunately, some habits can delay achieving your desired beard. Here are the 5 most common bad habits we've seen, along with their solutions. Conquer these 5 bad habits that affect your beard and you will be on your way to your ideal beard.

Bad Habit #1 : You don't clean your tools

Are you attentive to beard care, but still have pimples and pimples? Dirty tools can be to blame. If you don't clean your scissors and razors after every cut, then you are creating a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

Solution : Sterilize your scissors. To clean the scissors, put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub vigorously to remove hair residue and facial oil. Also, if you want to keep your tools in good condition and last for many years, lubricate the scissor blades and the hinge with mineral oil.

And don't forget your brushes and combs ! Keep your comb clean by rinsing it with water and letting it dry on a cloth, at least once a week. To clean your brush, loosen adhering dirt and dead skin by holding the brush upside down and running a q-tip or cotton swab through the bristles. Pull the hair out with your fingers.

Bad Habit #2: You don't know how to shape your beard outline

Your beard outline should look natural. To do this, you'll need to master your beard fade: first trim your neck beard to your desired length, then use your electric razor or trimmer with a number 2 or 3 guard to trim from your Adam's apple to where your jawline is. meets your neck. Then use a number 1 or 2 protector to trim up from the Adam's apple about 2 centimeters. Pull back all the hair below the Adam's apple.

Remember: don't pull your beard line too far up to your jawline unless you want to look like a brother who has no idea what he's doing. The beard should never be on the jaw line, but should be a little lower.

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Bad Habit #3: You don't moisturize your beard and mustache

If you're not moisturizing your beard because you think it's "old lady or girl" to do so, you can't expect to have a respectable beard. Without conditioner and beard oil, your beard will become dehydrated, dry, brittle and prone to breakage. In addition to damaging your beard, you are leaving your skin vulnerable to outside elements. This will cause your skin to become flaky and inflamed.

Solution: Give your beard and your skin a break by using a specially formulated beard conditioner for after washing your beard. Keep applying beard oil to restore your beard's natural oils (which keep your hair protected), reduce inflammation, and lock in moisture to combat itchiness and stiffness.

Distribute the beard oil evenly across your face with a comb for optimal penetration.

Bad Habit #4: You stroke your beard

You are probably deep in thought, or maybe you just have a knack for doing something with your hands while doing other things. Stroking your beard comes naturally, and it's okay once in a while. But don't do it too often: If your hands are dirty or greasy, you could be adding oil to your face, causing acne. If your skin is dry, stroking your beard can create more dandruff.

Tip: In case you find yourself in a moment of prophetic inspiration, of wisdom, and you need to stroke your beard, make sure you wash your hands regularly.

Bad Habit #5: You pull it (I mean the Beard)

Just like stroking it, pulling your beard is a bad habit that some of us fall into. When you pull or fiddle with individual hairs, you end up damaging your hair follicles or ripping your hair completely. Do this frequently and it will create holes where the hair might not come back. If you are already at this level, using a growth balm with Minoxidil could help you recover that area.

Tip: Instead of stroking or pulling at your beard, play with a pen, spinner, or fidget cube.

Remember, if you have a Bad Habit, the best way to get it under control is to replace it with something healthier.

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