5 tips to shape your beard

5 tips to shape your beard

Are you tired of your granny or your friends at work telling you that the beard is not for you? In this video we are going to show you the 5 tips to shape your beard and show everyone how the beard works for you.

it is very important to understand the symmetry of your face and when we say such an elegant word it is not to scare you and stop watching this video, but rather, they are terminologies that everyone uses so we use them too.

First of all, you should see where your beard grows, in each part of the face it grows in different directions, for example, it grows on my neck from the top of the apple down and from the bottom of the apple up, so that when I shaved all the way down or all the way up it irritated me and I looked like a complete pubertal boy. Then identify where your beard grows, you will eliminate irritation with that a lot.

Now if the little routine that you must follow to give your beard a good shape

  1. Before starting to cut you need to prepare yourself and what better than to use a Shaving Cream , I like to use the ones that do not foam so I can see where I am cutting and it is not uneven. - (apply the cream and let it rest for a while)
  2. Good quality razor - people are used to shaving with the same razor until the handle breaks, so we recommend that if you shave very often, your razors don't last more than 3 months, so be careful to change it, I like the rakes that you put in the knives, that way you make sure they are of good quality and that the knife is in good condition.
  3. Mark the lines well , the line of the cheeks and the most important is the line of the neck.
  4. Aftershave - once you've finished it's important to apply a little aftershave so that your skin finishes without hurting so much
  5. Tonic - If you have a beard a little longer than 3 days, I recommend that you apply a little tonic in order to leave your beard and your skin well hydrated.

So now you know the secret recipe to be able to have a beard that looks good with your face, if you want to see our videos on the 7 tips on how to take care of your beard, click here above. or click below for our entire list of beard care.

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Always a treat!

Frederick G.

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