Halloween! How to dress up in a simple way?

The last weeks of October and the first weeks of November are characterized by the vast amount of costume parties that take place for Halloween.

It is very common not to have planned the costume that we will use weeks before the party and when the time comes, we cross ourselves to improvise one.

As we like to help you, Soy Macho gives you five very simple ideas to improvise your costume and you can 'rock' at the party.


You need: A white shirt, dress pants or jeans, a tie, sunglasses and a blue shirt with the logo of this superhero.

Hairstyle : Apply gel to your hair in a Clark Kent-style side-parted hairstyle.


You need: A black suit, with a white shirt and a red bow or tie. You can grab a piece of black cloth as a cape.

Makeup : with white paint paint your face and put on dark circles.

Hairstyle: Take it all back and fix it with wax or spray .


You need: Some jeans or dress pants, a plaid shirt, a white coat and some glasses.

Makeup: With black shadow sprinkle your face except the area covered by the lenses.

Hairstyle: Tousle your hair with gel to give the impression that you carried out an experiment.


You need: Black pants, a shirt with horizontal black and white stripes, suspenders and white gloves.

Makeup: Paint your face completely white and a black tear under the eye.

Hairstyle: Everything to the back or to the side and fix it with wax to give it shine.


What you need: Dress pants, a plaid button-up shirt, a button-down sweater, a bow tie, and sunglasses.

Hairstyle : Side part very well fixed with wax or gel .

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