6 habits that will make you feel younger

6 habits that will make you feel younger

6 habits that will make you feel younger

With the passage of time the signs of age are becoming more noticeable in us, in case you do not want to be noticed older than you are or on the street they start talking about you or "sir". We suggest you take into account the following tips to feel and look younger.

1. Sleep well

Sleeping is one of the habits that will help you look younger

Remember that while we sleep our body carries out a recovery process, in addition to rest. That's why when you go out at night and sleep for a few hours, your appearance looks a little more battered. It is recommended to have an average break of 8 hours. Try to be constant when going to bed and waking up, your body and face will thank you.

2. Eat well

A balanced diet helps improve your skin and appearance

This does not mean that you stop trying some delicious taquitos or a pizza, no; but try to eat a balanced diet, eating fruits and vegetables, reducing processed foods and trying to eat at regular times. Some foods (antioxidants) that you can incorporate into your diet are: avocado, red fruits such as blueberries or strawberries, and citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit. You will realize that your digestion improves and with it your health.

3. Start doing some exercise

A little exercise helps you rest and feel better

You can start little by little, practicing any sport that you like or simply going for a run. By exercising regularly the body releases toxins; It also helps you reduce stress levels, which translates into better sleep, which helps to comply with point 1. Remember that it is vital to do push-ups and warm-up exercises beforehand.

4. Protect yourself from the sun

Protect yourself from the sun and thus avoid the appearance of spots and wrinkles on the skin

And that does not only apply in summer or during vacations. The skin is continuously exposed to the sun's rays and that over time can cause spots or increase expression lines. That is why, the importance of moisturizing your skin and using a sunscreen, in SoyMacho.com you can find a wide range of options that will help you to always take care of your skin, know them here .

5. Have sex more regularly

With sex, substances are released that relax you and make you feel better

During sex, the body releases substances such as serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for producing happiness, pleasure and relaxation, thus helping to reduce stress, promoting cell regeneration and thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles. As a good #ContemporaryMacho it is important that you protect yourself, use a condom and always have a fresh scent. Discover the best body deodorants here .

6. Reduce cigarette consumption

Smoking is not only bad for your health, it is also a habit that harms those around you

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for your health and your skin; it also affects the people around you. We know that it can be difficult to leave, but we trust that you will draw the strength that distinguishes the #ContemporaryMacho to achieve an improvement in your health.

With these tips we are sure that you will notice a radical change in your skin, on the other hand you can also help your body by using the SoyMacho.com anti-aging kits that are made with 100% natural ingredients.

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