6 Steps to a Perfect Mustache

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How to shave, shape and style your mustache in 6 easy steps.

The path to achieving the perfect mustache is arduous. Really, I know. It can take you more than 6 months to achieve a mustache that leaves you satisfied.
On the road to the perfect mustache, you're going to have a few mornings where you wake up feeling desperate. You will want to take it off immediately.
But you must be sure that with patience, practice and a well planned routine, you will have a mustache that you will want to show off, and that you will be proud of. Follow these 6 steps for a perfect mustache.


Your skin needs to be prepared before you shave. An essential condition is to have warm, clean and moist skin, to achieve a close shave, without causing irritation and to achieve a better definition of the mustache lines.
You can either clean it (doing a face wash) using a beard and mustache shampoo , or exfoliate it (using a product with small abrasive beads) before shaving.
An exfoliator will help remove dead skin and facial oil, which can clog your razor. You should not use scrubs more than 2-3 times a week. Excessive use of exfoliating treatments can damage your skin.


You should always use shaving cream , lotion, or gel. Any of these products will help lubricate your skin and allow for a closer, more comfortable shave.
By applying the shaving cream, lotion or gel evenly to damp skin, you will achieve perfect lubrication and zero friction between the razor and your skin.

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Don't be rough when using your razor or razor. Allow it to glide and slide lightly over your skin. Remove cheek and neck hair before working on your mustache.
On delicate areas (above the mustache and at the tips of the mustache) use a precision razor.
Do it slowly and firmly. One wrong move can ruin everything!


It is truly important at the end of your shave, to take proper care of your face. Just as warm water opens your pores, washing your face with cold water after shaving will close them.
Then apply an aftershave balm or aftershave lotion of your choice. This will help your skin rehydrate and control redness.
You can reduce irritation with beard oils.


This is the key step. Once you've removed the excess hair from your face and neck, it's time to style and shape your mustache.
Take a pair of scissors, preferably mustache scissors, and cut along your upper lip line. The idea is to remove any hair that protrudes from this line. Some brothers prefer very long or very thick mustaches, but if you are looking for a more refined style, the secret is in the line that goes over the upper lip.
Trim the ends of your mustache so they are perfectly symmetrical. Try to twist the ends a bit and cut them at an angle. With the scissors pointing up, carefully cut out the center of the mustache. This will help define the style.


It's time to grab some mustache wax . Mustache wax is the best medium for achieving a medium to strong hold, as well as allowing you to style your mustache elegantly.


  • Warm some Mustache Wax in your hands.
  • Spread it evenly along your Mustache.
    Use a Mustache Brush to make sure there are no lumps or knots in the Mustache.
  • With your thumb and middle finger, pinch the tips of the Whisker from the center of the Whisker.
  • Slowly twist it and turn it inside out. The hair in the center of the mustache will act as an anchor and will push the end of the mustache inward.
  • Finish by using a little more wax on the ends of the mustache.

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