7 Beard Tools

Your beard attracts a lot of attention and fandom, that's why you need to have it well groomed for the benefit of yourself and all your admirers. We show you 7 essential tools from machines to shampoos for the care and maintenance of your facial hair, when you get them little by little you will become an expert in facial knowledge and care, you will be ready for parties, photos and caresses.

  • Wahl - Professional Detailing Machine
  • Professional machine with a T-shaped blade to make the most perfect finishes. Includes 3 guide combs, oil, cleaning brush, blade guard and instructions for a total of 7 pieces. Give it the style you want with this high-caliber tool.

  • Mühle- Rake R106
  • For more than 70 years , Mühle of Germany has developed and produced one of the best lines of shaving products in the world, carefully produced by hand, each of Mühle's “safety razors” offers the best materials for a perfect shave, with less irritation longer duration between shaves.

  • Qui'co- Beard and Mustache Shampoo
  • Made with 100% organic raw material and a Coconut base, the shampoo or Quio'co seeks to nourish, soften facial hair and prevent any possible infection. Contains royal jelly which is antiviral, antimicrobial, antitoxic and antiseptic.

  • Beard and Mustache Comb
  • The comb is an essential tool to have at all times to carry in your pocket or backpack. Don't keep your beard or mustache unkempt, be prepared.

  • knife holder
  • The Mountain Clan Knife Holder is made of steel and features a resin handle. It is very practical to use, it is only necessary to have spare razors and you will be able to enjoy the classic shaving experience.

  • Shaving cream
  • Use a shaving cream before sliding the razor over your skin to ensure hydration and protection during the shave, then use water to remove the excess cream from your face, now you feel silkier and smoother skin.

    Always a treat.

    Frederick G.

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