The most famous beards in the world of sports

We continue in the month of No Shave November, a movement that supports all those who suffer from prostate cancer. Two weeks have passed since this challenge of not shaving for a month began and some already have well-formed beards, while others are beginning to notice their three-day stubble.

One of the main places where we can see different styles and lengths of beards is in the world of sports. Each of the best teams in the world has more than three that apply No Shave November all year.

We present the list of athletes with the most famous beards:


He is a former Irish footballer and coach who, although he already shaved, had one of the most remembered beards.


He was a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers and is known for his iconic beard which he calls The Best Beard of All Time.


He is a basketball player and belongs to the NBA Houston Rockets squad. His beard is well known in this sport.


In the sport of baseball, this Los Angeles Dodgers player shows off his extravagant beard on every pitch.


The Italian midfielder, Andrea Pirlo and current player of the soccer team, New York City FC, is the one with whom we close this list of the most famous beards in the world of sports.

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