10 reasons why being a vegetarian rocks

10 reasons why being a vegetarian rocks

10 reasons why being a vegetarian will change your life

#1- Being a vegan for animals

It's the most basic reason: if you like animals and you don't want to do any harm, then don't eat them. Animals are treated with cruelty worldwide. They are force-fed supplements to grow faster, live in terrible conditions, and end up in slaughterhouses and on someone's avocado tree. Many might think that some animals are only made to be eaten since they are not pets. However, studies have shown that a pig is more intelligent than a dog and the intelligence of chickens is similar to that of monkeys.

# 2- For the Planet

Eating meat is wasteful and harmful to our planet. The amount of pollution is alarming and plays a very important role in climate change. According to PETA, adopting a vegetarian diet is more effective in combating climate change than using a green car.

# 3- For you

Being vegan is more than a diet, it's a lifestyle. It will help you lose weight, get in top shape and boost your self-esteem. Vegans are slimmer than meat eaters and this diet is healthy. Going vegan is a healthy way to keep off excess fat.

# 4- End world hunger

If we stopped using crops to feed starving animals and human food instead, world hunger would come to an end. Resources used to feed animals for meat could easily be used to feed people.

# 5- Better Food

The food is healthier, tastier and nothing hurts! Furthermore, a large number of companies have started producing vegetarian alternatives to their products, which taste like the real thing, but are healthier.

10 reasons why being a vegetarian rocks

# 6- Less consumption per meter of floor

Studies show that 20 vegans can live off the same amount of land as one meat eater.

# 7- Avoid toxins

Being vegan also means they don't get all the toxins that come with meat: antibiotics, hormones, pesticides.

#8- There is no Cancer!

The risk of developing cancer as a vegan is lower as a meat eater, due to a high intake of vitamins A, C and E.

#9- Low Risk of Disease

Being vegan makes you less prone to diseases such as: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

#10- Live longer!

A vegan lives longer than a meat eater with an average of six years! Not only do vegans live longer, but they live happier and healthier!

Although many people think that it is quite difficult to adopt a vegan diet, after making the transition everything seems easier. What do you think? Is a vegan diet worth it?


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