Goodbye 2019, goodbye 2010 decade

Goodbye 2019, goodbye 2010 decade

goodbye old year

Not only is the end of a year, it is also the end of a decade. Decades mark trends, political and social events and events that changed our history, very far away are specifically the decades of the 80s and 90s, favorites of nostalgics, and what about the 2000? the one we waited with so many expectations because in addition to a new decade, beginning a new millennium, they all left their mark on the history of humanity and on our personal stories. But do you want to know which events will be the most recorded of this decade?

1.- The centenary of the Mexican revolution and bicentennial of independence, the decade began in Mexico and other countries of America with the celebrations of 200 years of independence, such is the case of Argentina, Colombia and Chile, which also commemorated their independence in 2010.

2.- In Mexico we remember September 19, 2017 as a fateful day, since 1985 it had not experienced a catastrophe of this magnitude, however, the Mexican people knew how to behave up to the task and rise up from this tragedy. 

3.- This decade was marked by science and technology; Curiosity was finally able to successfully carry out the trip to Mars, thereby obtaining accurate images and studies of this planet. While in July, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, detected a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson.

Goodbye 2019, goodbye 2010 decade

4.- Other wonderful discoveries have been made, such is the case of the star TRAPPIST-1 around which 7 planets with water revolve, of which 3 are to be inhabited. Another great discovery was the photo of a black hole, a photo that completely broke the expectations of those who expected an amazing image.

5.- The evolution of the smartphone , with smartphones, everyone has access to the Internet and can have their opinions to the world at any time, with all the positive effects that this has.

6.- Donald Trump, President of the United States, contrary to what many predicted, Trump won the presidency by defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, being a political figure before and even after taking office.

Goodbye 2019, goodbye 2010 decade

7.- Mexico seizes the Oscars, the world of cinema was shocked when Mexicans Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro González Iñárritu and Alfonso Cuarón won the statuette that consecrated them as the best directors, Iñárritu and Cuarón won the award twice each, while del Toro won a trophy. From 2013 to 2018 and except for 2017, the academy award for best director was won by a Mexican. We must also highlight Emmanuel Lubezki who appropriated the precious recognition three times in a row, in the category of best photography.

8.- The end of traditional media , newspapers, print publications, television and radio are disappearing. And while digital music is pre-2010, it was only in this decade that pop stars stopped 'selling' albums. They no longer count the CDs they sell, they count the flows.

9.- Regarding sporting events, this decade was full of many satisfactions, in 2010 Spain had the world soccer title, while Germany would prevail in 2014 and it was France who was crowned in 2018. The games London 2012 Olympic Games led us to a Usain Bolt who achieved an impressive Olympic record, while Michael Phelps won 6 medals for a total of 22 Olympic medals.

Goodbye 2019, goodbye 2010 decade

This decade also saw the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl 3 times, tying the Steelers as the teams that have lifted the trophy the most times, with 6 titles each. In 2019 Lionel Messi won the Ballon d'Or, becoming the player with the most awards in history, surpassing the always competitive Cristiano Ronaldo.

10.- Superheroes of all kinds , twenty MCU movies have been released in this decade. Then there are the other Spider-Man movies, the DC Universe movies (Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder), as well as other movies and shows. In the previous decade they were zombies; in this decade they were superheroes.

As it came, this decade was full of satisfactions and afflictions, it went like water in our hands, it left us with challenges to overcome, joys that we enjoy and yes, also some disappointments, plus 2020 is in a few days, a new year, a new decade and a new opportunity to improve ourselves more and more. On behalf of we wish you the best end of the year.

What were the most important events of this decade for?

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