Revive your sexual instinct with the most provocative scents!

According to its Greek origin, "pheromone" means "excitement carrier", in other words, it is a substance that your body produces naturally, to influence sexual behavior with another of the same species. This is the chemical role that enables your body to continue the human species. Let me tell you, you are 10x more likely to have an intimate chance with another person, if the sensory elements are right. Today we focus on the attractive power of body odors like your beard and the use of balms.
1. Oils: Aroma
You have already got the perfect beard and it is giving you wonderful results with the brides. However, another element is missing. In the same way that you put on perfume to leave everyone speechless when you walk by, you need something to make them want to get closer and closer to you. And this is where beard balms come in. Imagine the following scenario. You are with the girl you like, the night is almost over and the turning point is just beginning. They play a little with each other until you get closer and suddenly she notices a mysterious smell that attracts her. Oh, that day you decided to put on the beard balm and it made all the difference! The balms that we have in our catalog feel great on the skin because they have natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, among other beneficial ingredients.
2. Lotions: Smooth
It is a unique and revolutionary product! A refreshing lotion based on rose water, used to bring oxygen and hydration to your face after eating, smoking, or simply after a long day. With its soft perfume, it does not invade the aromas of its original perfume, eliminating the bad smells that tobacco or food can cause and maintaining the sensation of freshness, hydration and cleanliness on your face.
3. Balms for the beard and mustache: Styling
Our balms are made with beeswax, cocoa butter and essential oils for the satisfaction of our customers. Its function is to stylize and soften the appearance of the mustache and beard. To enhance any intimate interaction that is about to occur. Remember to take advantage of this seductive element that are aromas. The best way to take advantage of these social enablers.
In addition, remember to be prepared for every date, every meeting, every opportunity you have. Impressions are extremely important and here at SoyMacho you can get products to impress and conquer your most ambitious projects.
Always a treat.
Frederick G.

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