How to prepare for the Good End 2020

The dates for the Good End 2020 are: from November 9 to November 20, 2020.

Mexican consumers may not know what to waste their money on or what the budget will be for the upcoming Buen Fin, the promotional season that will take place from November 9 to 20.

For the tenth time, Mexicans will have the chance to take advantage of the Good End offers and discounts to obtain what they need at excellent prices before the holiday season. Businesses throughout the country are preparing to offer products and services at affordable prices for twelve days, so it is possible that consumers do not know what to spend their capital on or what the value will be for the next Good End, which will take place held from November 9 to 20 .

These days, the promotions will be everywhere, therefore the most advisable thing is to start preparing so that the expenses do not represent a crude scourge to the portfolio. So that you don't stay out of the Good End and take better advantage of the advantages of buying at the best price, we offer you some tips related to how needs and tastes can be met on these dates full of sales.

What will the Good End 2020 be like?

The Good End 2020 was officially announced as of September, where the rumors regarding the probability of advancing it to September by the economic management of many businesses were denied, however, what has naturally been said is that to reinforce merchants and reactivate finances, the weekend with the best deals of the year in Mexico will be extended to about 2 weeks of deals and promotions.

The Good End 2020 and COVID-19

One of the most important reasons why the Good End is extended is to protect people from the large crowds of people in physical stores during a weekend, so our first recommendation is that, unlike the desire that You have to go buy something from the first day, go out with the necessary care and do it without company at the shopping centers since it was agreed with the shopping centers that only one person per family will enter .

To guarantee the protection of consumers in the Good End 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following was agreed:

  • Group purchases will not be allowed.
  • Purchases must be made privately and without minors.
  • Access to customers who do not wear face masks is prohibited.
  • Admission will be denied to customers who present visible symptoms of the disease.
  • The use of rest and common areas will not be allowed.
  • Staff in checkouts should avoid handling merchandise.
  • The use of changing rooms in stores will not be allowed.
  • It is forbidden to try on the garments inside the stores.
  • Tastings are suspended.
  • Gift box and gift wrapping services will be prohibited.

The Good End 2020 and the bonus

Every year the Government seeks that workers take advantage of the Good End by purchasing the products they need at a better price, promotions or months without interest, so this 2020 will not be the exception: the bonus of Government workers will be advanced .

If you are a government worker you can be happy, because you will have the opportunity to take advantage of all the offers in shopping centers and online stores from November 9, which begins the Good End 2020 and will be 12 days of the best promotions.

When will the Good End 2020 be?

Officially, the Good End 2020 will take place from November 9 to 20, 2020, that is, we will have 12 days of promotions to acquire those products that we want or need so much. Beyond that, it is essential to suggest that the Good End will not be like the Hot Sale, but that the event considers physical stores to be superior, although online stores will also participate.

The dates for the Good End 2020 are: from November 9 to November 20, 2020.

How much money to spend on the Good End 2020?

The fundamental thing is to limit the money that is going to be used taking into account the expenses that are generated in December, such as those that include the Christmas feast, end of the year commemoration and vacations. It is desirable to work on savings to improve Christmas shopping, as long as the items have a good promotion.

Create a shopping list for the Good End 2020

In order to avoid problems with monthly credit card payments or having a completely empty wallet, putting together a shopping list is a good idea. Prior to carrying it out, priorities must be established and what is really needed or not must be specified, together with adhering to the determined budget.

So, put together your shopping list because November 9 is when the Good End 2020 begins!

How to check prices in the Good End 2020?

Even if you are not in the habit of comparing prices in several establishments that offer the same items or services, this is essential to feel sure that the purchase will be made in the right place. We recommend that you enter the El Buen Fin web portal where you can see all the participating brands and/or platforms.

It is essential to suggest that currently no business has disclosed how many promotions they will have or which banks will participate in months without interest and additional discounts, but it is clear that these types of promotions will exist.

Ask for a credit to buy in the Good End 2020?

It is valid to request a credit to make planned purchases in case the budget is higher than expected to cover an essential expense. There is also the opportunity to pay a credit card, as long as it is a preferable rate, because getting into debt and paying the minimum or not paying can attract many problems, and it is best to avoid them so as not to retain problems when the January slope arrives.

Another prominence that you can use are bank promotions for months without interest and with discounts. Normally in physical stores at the same time of months without interest there are times when some monthly payments or money are returned to your card. In the case of online stores, Amazon normally offers months without interest linked to an added discount with Citibanamex and Banorte, while Mercado Libre usually has promotions with BBVA and other banks.

Offers, promotions and discounts for the Good End 2020

Currently the Concanaco Servytur has not revealed how many businesses will participate in the Good End 2020, but it should soon be the same as in previous editions, so the most important and popular self-service and department stores in Mexico will possibly be inside. With regard to online stores, Mercado Libre, Linio, Walmart, Soriana, BestBuy and Amazon will possibly participate in the Good End, however up to now none of these companies has announced anything in this regard.

At we will surely have the best offers, promotions and discounts for this Good End 2020 on all products for men. Wait for it!

Enjoy the cheapest of the year during the Good End 2020, from November 9 to 20.

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