How to eat well without spending all your salary

How to eat well without spending all your salary

How to Eat Healthy and Save Money

Eating fresh foods like: fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meats is beneficial for health. First of all, it is thought that eating healthy is synonymous with spending a lot of money, it is true that some products labeled as organic or ecological have a higher cost, however, if you choose to eat organic food instead of junk food, you save expenses of your plan medical, heart problems and high blood pressure - consequences of poor nutrition and habits that will eventually result in a constant plundering of your pocket. You know that all this can be very complicated, so we will give you the necessary tricks to eat healthy without large expenses.

  • Eating Healthy Prevents Diseases and Medical Expenses
  • Maintaining an active life and eating natural and fresh foods keeps us healthy and functional for daily life, and also shortens the chances of developing all kinds of diseases. However, the biggest benefit. According to nutritionists, it is more expensive to treat developed diseases than to eat healthy every day. Many people find it expensive to eat healthy food, however, you will save more money buying fruits and vegetables at the supermarket than when you would be

  • Make a Food List Before You Buy
  • If you have an organized list of all the foods you need, there are more chances to save. Have you heard that one should never go to the supermarket hungry? It is true, since we do not rationalize the cost of the product and its necessity, you can buy the product only because you filled your eyes and let yourself be seduced by the hunger that you have.

  • Buy In a Market VS. Buy Chain Supermarkets
  • If you always do your shopping at a chain supermarket, it is likely that they are greatly inflating the price of the product. The best option is to buy at agricultural markets, supply centers or directly with a known farmer , so that you get a product at a good price and at the same time support small merchants.

    How to eat healthy for less money

  • Local and seasonal fruits
  • The months of the year bring with them different climates, and as a consequence diverse harvests. We can save a lot of money if we buy fruits or vegetables that are in season , since there is a greater supply of the product, this lowers its price.

  • Eat Legumes or Grains
  • Beans are everywhere, and they go very well with Mexican cuisine. You can make various dishes with them from salads to desserts. These grains have 3 main advantages: first, they are highly versatile, second, they contain a high nutritional content, and lastly, they are very cheap.

  • Meal Calendar
  • At the beginning of the week it is good to think about the meals that one will have, you could prepare them all in one day or divide them into containers and then freeze them and take them out whenever you like. You can save several pesos a week because you would not have to spend on lunches and street foods.

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