One of the most anticipated dates of the year is coming. If we are talking about Easter , they allow us to cut the camera and enjoy a few days on the beach or in the mountains.

We most likely were looking forward to these days off, because we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, and we, we will tell you, of course, by air. It is that Mexico has many magical places to offer us, yes bro, you do not finish it.

Now, do you know how to protect the effects of the sun, the sea and the wind? We will give you specific tips to take care of the inclement weather and be able to enjoy this trip without spoiling your look, so as not to look like "El Náufrago", when you return to the city.


Whether it is dry, oily, combination or normal, when the skin is shown and the conditions are lower or too high, the sea, the wind and the sun, the skin stops the water and dehydrates it. The RESULT IS apocalyptic: wrinkles appear .

If we are going to expose ourselves to the sun, first of all we must protect our skin from UV rays. And no bro, don't think that sunscreen makes you tan less. The only thing that increases if you don't use it, is not your tan , but the chances of damaging your skin.

After exposure to the sun, nothing better than helping our skin to hydrate and regain elasticity. For this, we offer you the Lierac Aftersun men's hydration line , at a special price, for both the face and the entire body. This way we can satisfy all the needs of the skin while we prolong the tan.


Beard and skin are super related. In fact, the key to the skin.

When the skin is dry and dehydrated, the beard that is born usually has dry and dull hair. Flaking can also occur, as if it were dandruff in the beard. If we are going to expose the beard to unfavorable weather conditions, we must seriously increase its hydration .

To care for your beard this Easter, you can use Woodsman cream with aloe vera , which will hydrate your skin and beard, leaving you with an irresistible lavender scent. Or if you prefer, you can choose one of our beard oils . The important thing if you choose a beard oil or balm is that you make sure to reach the skin in its application, not just the beard, so that it hydrates properly.


Those of us who have tattoos wear them proudly like jewels on our bodies. We know the long road of pain we have gone through to have them and it comes naturally to us to take care of them almost like a son, so that they are always bright and impressive, as if we had just left the tattoo studio.

The sun is the eternal enemy (for ever and ever), of tattoos. The pigments contained in the different inks burn with exposure to UV rays. This results in the tattoo becoming dull and losing intensity and definition.

But don't go crazy, we have the products that will make your ink look forever young.

The first thing we have to do is use tattoo-specific sunscreens and we have to go love it.

The first solution is tattoo protection from Balm Tattoo . It is a 75+ sunscreen, which hydrates and helps keep the colors of old and new tattoos alive, preventing them from oxidizing from the sun's harmful rays.

Another excellent option is the Mountain Tattoo Protector , which helps preserve color while sunburn and moisture improves the look of the tattoo.

So, do you already have your Easter kit ? Take care of your look while enjoying the outdoors. Take a tour of our store before packing your suitcase.

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