How to remove yellow stains from your shirt

how to remove yellow stains from your shirt

How to avoid yellow stains on clothes?

What to do when the shirt you like the most has a nasty stain? The answer has different solutions such as: deodorant, food, clothing, among others. Therefore, the increase in your body temperature causes more perspiration, resulting in the unpleasant yellow stain. However, we can avoid it with a few cleaning tricks and personal ingenuity.

change deodorant

If currently when you sweat stains appear on your clothes, the cause may be the deodorant you are using. You should use an antiperspirant that helps fight sweat, rather than just odor. Also, you can check the active ingredients, since some deodorants and antiperspirants have aluminum-based components, which causes you to sweat more and can even cause irritation.

apply and wait

Waiting for the deodorant to dry completely will cause your skin to absorb it and not leave a residue on your clothes.

How to remove yellow stains from your shirt SoyMacho

change diet

This is the part that we like the least, why the diet? There are some foods that activate the body's sweat glands. For example, high sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods are the biggest culprits in excessive perspiration. Now that you know, you can try to eat healthier.

Your clothes can make a difference

Choose fibers, such as silk, wool, and cotton to reduce underarm odor. Also, wearing loose clothing will make you feel cooler.

Home remedy for stains

One tip from home experts is to pour white vinegar directly onto yellow stains and rub them into the fabric to remove discoloration. After you've rubbed in the vinegar, wash it as you normally would. Another trick is lemon juice. Apply it directly on the stain and leave it exposed to the sun for a day. And rinse afterwards with your favorite detergent.

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