How to choose the Beard that favors you?

How to choose the Beard that favors you?

Tall! Stop and put down those scissors and razors. Don't you know? Choosing a new beard style is not that complicated. So in case you are considering shaving or cutting your Beard, don't do it. However, what you should ask yourself is, what type of Beard should I have? From small tips to the Bandholz style. Follow us and you will know which beard is the best for you.

And the question , how to grow a beard naturally? Here we tell you how.


So, if you ask yourself, what is an Ideal Beard made of? The answer is obvious: "Hair, and a lot" (don't worry, there are beard growth balms). Who had the great idea of ​​having a beard? Well, first of all, the Beard is a symbol. Scientifically speaking, generally only pubertal or adult males are capable of developing facial hair. As such, Beards are a symbol that you are a Man, and in the world of ever-increasing gender identity crises, we need something to set us apart. The style is the beard and the beard is the style . Beard style is so important, that just as the width of a tie should match the width of a suit lapel, in the same way, your Beard should complement your body type, facial features (such as your jawline), and your social circle.


However, we still do not know how, throughout history, the Beard began to gain importance and have meaning. There are various influences and ideas in society about beard growth. Initially the most influential and most frequent factor is religion. "The Beard is the hair that grows from the head to the rest of the body. It is the bridge between the mind and the heart, thoughts and actions, theory and practice, good intentions and good deeds." Haven't you noticed that having a beard makes you more spiritual and poetic?


In the beginning, the beard of prehistoric men protected them from the weather and gave them warmth. It also protected them from enemies. Facial hair kept prehistoric men warm and helped protect their mouths from sand, dirt, sun, and a variety of other elements that might come their way. A beard on a man helps to present a more prominent jawline and commands respect. Since you can't see the jawline, it creates an effect on people assuming it's more pronounced. The ancient men of Mesopotamia were very obsessed with the symbolism of their beards, spending hours tying the ends of their beards into little locks and arranging them in three tiers. To a higher degree of power and importance, they should wear the longest and most elaborate beard. Mesopotamian men even used warm, masculine, mysterious, balsamic, woody, slightly spicy and sweet scented balms known as Labdanum to add oil to their beards and keep them in better condition. They soaked sheep or goat wool with these balms, and applied it to their faces to keep their Beards soft.


If you are baby-faced or if you have a slimmer body type, maybe the short beard cut is the right choice for you. The beard should say something about your personality, as it suits slim or skinny body types. This cut requires a lot of maintenance to go according to your aesthetic. The stubble or short beard can help add a bit of contrast to your face. Also, now that beards have already been in fashion for a few years and have evolved into a whole new style, to further refine your individuality and personality.


This style of beard requires a little more length of facial hair than the low cut, keeping your face more textured, that is, you can see the face through the beard. This type of cut and look may be best for those guys who may not be able to grow a fuller beard. And it is a step that you will have to go through while the growth balms with Minoxidil take effect. The effect of the growth balm with Minoxidil is achieved in a period of 3 to 4 months. There are balms with 2% Minoxidil, and up to 5% in presentations of growth balm type pomade, foam, oil, and other presentations.


Square or Box Beard Cut

The Box Beard is a less conservative beard option than the Short Beard or Long Goatee Beard. However, it may be more ideal for those who don't want to look like those mountain men. This beard refines and sculpts the cheek and jawline, even if it is very marked. Since this beard is more groomed and groomed than the last two on the list, it helps distract the eye from unwanted features and draws attention to the areas you want to be more noticeable. The name of the Square Beard or Box Beard derives from its angled appearance, defined edges, fullness. This beard helps set the angle of your face and provides more intrigue and mystery to the jawline, helping to elicit a more commanding appearance.


This beard is representative of the face of the man of the mountains. Formed with long and bushy hair, with body and fullness to achieve the effect, it will give him the Mufasa ("The Lion King" of Disney). This Beard is the one that requires the most time to grow. The most shocking thing is that some people won't even be able to make it to this level. This Beard is known as Terminal Beard Length and is indicative of the life cycle of facial hair. Since there are scientific and genetic reasons, we will save it for another day and focus on the Long Thick Beard style. This type of beard is the one that requires more care and dedication. Growth balms after a few weeks encourage more follicle growth where they are very weak and brittle. It takes longer to apply oils and toners . Also, if you don't keep up with daily and consistent maintenance, and complement it with frequent grooming with beard shampoo, beard balms, and beard oils, you can develop stye and split ends. This style differs from the Garibaldi, as the Beard is allowed to grow freely beyond 20 centimeters.

Regardless of what beard style you settle on, make sure you continue to maintain good hygiene and discipline in beard maintenance. Make sure you choose a style that suits you best, one that accentuates your personality, appearance, and satisfaction.

Yes, your Beard requires dedication and dedication, but with patience and using growth balms , Beard oils, Beard Shampoos , and all the right accessories , you will soon have an enviable Beard that elevates you spiritually and gives you presence and personality in your social circle.

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