How to do the pompadour hairstyle

How to do a pompadour hairstyle

The Pompadour is a classic style for men that requires a hairstyle that leaves the top of the hair long and the sides and back short. It is not a Flat Top or Mohawk hairstyle.

Men with Pompadour hairstyles usually use hair gel or pomade , to achieve the perfect hairstyle it is necessary to apply a sufficient amount on your hair so that it is malleable when rubbing your hands. Remember that John Travolta's look in the musical "Grease" required a lot of hair products, while actor Sean Penn wore a drier pompadour in the movie "Dead Man Walking."

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Start by combing the top part of the hair over your face. Then comb up, never down. Always comb all your hair up to achieve this style. As you comb, pull the comb forward to add a bit of volume. If you want, you can make a side part. Comb the sides until they meet the top on your forehead, or simply comb the sides back if the hair on that side is extremely short. The twisted strand at the top creates the pompadour . Once the desired height is achieved, rub some pomade with your hands and apply it to the pompadour so that it is fixed in place.

You can also use a blow dryer to help create a Pompadour style for those with fine hair. Start with clean, towel-dried hair. Apply some gel or pomade and start styling the top and sides in a pompadour style. Then, dry your hair, with the blow dryer aimed at the gelled roots. This method will allow you to add height to the pompadour . Once the hair is dry, use more gel to set the pompadour . Finish by applying a bit of lacquer. Slightly tousle the top to create the classic 1950s rockabilly pompadour.

We also leave you a video so that we can explain ourselves better, since we know that later it can be difficult to see a lot of text and a video is better :)

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