How to do a fade haircut

We all want to have the haircut of Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Dan Bilzerian, (from the latter we want a little more than just his haircut, like the yacht, the millions and the women) etc. But we are not doing what is necessary, what I mean by doing what is necessary is the fact that we want to look like some friends who are worth billions of dollars, but we invest very little in our beauty, whether it is buying a cheap haircut , a body cream from the supermarket, so with those actions we want to see ourselves as a million dollar man.

Our friends from Taylor & Tonic did us the favor of explaining how to do a haircut that is currently one of the most requested.

The fade haircut by Salvador Sánchez from Taylor & Tonic Masterbarbers

What is needed?

Salvador: what you need is the following: a wahl machine, a Kent comb, disposable razors, cutting scissors, texture scissors, AfterShave L'occitane.

The "Fade" is a haircut that achieves a progressive fade or fade, which goes from very short hair in the area of the neck and ears to progressively longer but without noticeable jump in the hair.

Depending on how short you want the hair on the side and back, the "Fade" can be very different from one person to another to the point of not being very similar except for the common root that it always has. Also, in the upper part you can wear it however you want, be it long, pointed, combed, on the side... the "Fade" refers only to the lower and lateral part of the head, and to that effect of progressive fading in the hair that is produced.

“Personally it is my favorite haircut, my specialty I would dare to say”

For this type of fade of our client, the blurring began with "0" to finish it with a "2" in the process several levels had to be used to fade the fade in the upper part, only texture was given to be able to stylize with a Clay-based pomade from the "BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA" line. The styling is a pompadour. To be able to do this hairstyle, you have to use a round brush and a dryer to achieve volume in the hairstyle.

For the beard, a gradient was made so that it is connected to the cut.

The outline of the beard was made according to the physiognomy of the face in which a hot towel had to be put on the face to open the pore and soften the beard when finished, a little beard wax and oil was added and combed with a brush with soft bristles for beards.

With this we can see how it is an art to make a cut that actually seems simple, here is a video of how the cut evolved.

If you want to make an appointment, I leave you the details of this barbershop (remember that the barbershop is in Mexico City or CDMX, we will soon bring more recommendations like this in other cities), which is spectacular. Also for being our brothers they receive a discount, just mention the code "SOYT&T" and you will receive 10% on your service

Taylor & Tonic Masterbarbers

Radiata Forest #44 PB

Forests of the Lomas

Mexico DF

Tel. 70454802 and 70454803

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