How Not To Screw It Up On The First Day Of Work

How Not To Screw It Up On The First Day Of Work
After all those years in high school, the sleepless nights, the parties with the band, the damn poverty of being a student and the desire to progress as an adult, you made it champion, you got a job. Congratulations, you are one step further than yesterday . The day of the interview you impressed with your resume and especially with your clothes, thanks to our tips and advice , now you must continue with the same strategy. You were able to investigate and observe the work environment. Remember, your parents didn't try for so many years for you to screw up now.

1. Presentable and Scented
  • Iron the clothes.
  • Use colors like blue, white or combine neutral colors with your entire outfit.
  • New and polished shoes.
  • wear perfume
2. Hello, Nice to meet you!
  • Smile, you're more handsome that way.
  • Introduce yourself before the other employees.
  • Take advantage of lunch outings.
  • Ask and listen to your new colleagues.
  • Relax and be you.

    3. Groomed Man is Worth Two

  • Have a good pen handy.
  • Get a comfortable briefcase or backpack.
  • Have a new wallet.

    4. Handsome and Hardworking

  • Have your beard and mustache well groomed.
  • Whiten your teeth.
  • Keep your nails clean and short.
  • Cut your nose hairs.

    My best advice is this: come prepared, give your best effort, show off your talents and be willing to learn. Welcome to your new workspace.

    Always a treat.

    Frederick G.

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