How Not To Screw Up Your Diet

How Not To Fuck Your Diet SoyMacho

We start dieting and exercising, we want to have results to look good. That is why it is important to be aware of our habits, in this way we foresee failure in our diet. With the following tips we help you not to fall into temptation. We all have our favorite dishes, however, it is not necessary to completely eliminate them from our diet; eating in portions and choosing foods that will leave us feeling full and healthy are critical to success.

1. Healthy Carbs
It is very likely that in your next meal you will consume some type of flour. The right flours can help you feel fuller and more satisfied. On the other hand, processed flours are high in sugar and chemicals that can damage your metabolism by slowing it down. So choose breads, pastas and rice that are made of healthy carbohydrates and high in fiber; the best known are corn, oats, quinoa, beans, rice and whole-grain pasta.

2. Healthy Fats
Healthy fats are great for nutrient absorption. Some of the foods that you should add to the purchase are: salmon, nuts, avocado, olive oil . Surely you already enjoy these foods and let you know that they are all excellent alternatives for snacks and meals.

3. Eat Before Going Out
If you are going to a party or activity where there will undoubtedly be different foods that can sabotage all your progress, save yourself a problem . Cook and eat at home, in this way when they offer you foods or drinks high in fat and sugar, you are not tempted by the hunger you might have; a prepared man is worth two.

4. Swap Soda for Water
Soda has a lot of sugars, carbohydrates, and sodium. I understand that you love soda, or occasionally choose the "zero calorie" alternative, but it's worse to consume harmful chemicals and artificial flavors than to drink a glass of water. Then adjust your palate so that you have refined preferences for the health and effectiveness of your diet.

5 . kitchen at home
Mom's food will always be a good option; she wouldn't have wanted you to choose junk food over home cooking. So if you have been raised among a delicious and varied gastronomy, prepare a meal with good nutrients, this will help you lose weight, be satisfied and at the same time you will save a good deal of pesos.

6. Drink in Moderation or Eliminate Alcoholic Beverages
You are supposed to drink one alcoholic drink per hour, and you should also have a glass of water nearby to digest the liquid little by little. But our body processes alcohol in a different way than food, so it is better to keep the good things in your diet, in short, avoid alcohol.

7. Exercise With Your Friends

When we have support, we are much more likely to be successful. If it makes us a bit heavy to go running every day, find a friend with the same goals as you to make it easier to exercise regularly. Make up a game of soccer, a game of tennis, or go to the beach to play sand volleyball.

Always a treat.

Frederick G.

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