How should we dress for a job interview?

How should we dress for a job interview?

You recently received a call for a very important job interview, but now you don't know what to wear to look handsome, but professional. Therefore, we advise you to continue reading so you can find out how to select the perfect and personalized outfit for you.


Research the company where you will have the interview. It would be perfect if you could find out how their employees are dressed or what the company dress code is. The portal offers us two looks that you can use.

  • Formal Look - With this you can wear a classic cut suit, in dark tones (navy blue, black, grey), combining the color of the jacket and pants. In addition, you should choose plain shirts in lighter shades such as light blue or white, with a tie according to the other shades. You just have to avoid fun models, with little drawings and use a neutral tone or with stripes, as it can be elegant.

How should we dress for a job interview?

  • Informal Look - With this look you can choose cloth pants, but they should always be plain and dark in color. Combined with a long-sleeved t-shirt with fun prints and a sport-style jacket.

How should we dress for a job interview?


Prepare your best face

It is vital that when we have an interview you must fix your face. For example, you should comb your beard if you have one, and if you don't, you should shave. Also, comb your hair, brush your teeth well so that you don't bring a perejilazo and, above all, check that your nails are clean.


One of the main accessories is the watch. Meanwhile, to that we can add the belt and the shoes, which are a key piece in a formal dress. For example, men's fashion experts emphasize that the more elegant the dress, the thinner and thinner the belt should be. It must match the shoes according to their material, color, texture and shine. However, according to your personality you can use a fancy pen or a briefcase, since some of us do not feel safer that way.

cool socks

Last but not least, you should wear plain socks and it is recommended that they be black.

First of all, you should dress formal and elegant, but with your style. Remember that if you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, you will feel confident at the time of the interview. Be sure of yourself and always keep in mind that you are a man who is after success.

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