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Since the beginning of time, men have lost a battle, the battle against hair loss, many people attribute it to genetics or lousy hair care routines, but as the world and technology advances we have been winning little little by little to that famous monster, it all started with the shampoos, but unfortunately some brands focused more on making it smell good than actually nourishing your hair, after a lot of time and effort they began to find the cure for this problem, some brands which, if we respect, began to make anti-hair loss products that actually work, the components that they applied are the best in the world and some actually wanted to make a good product that actually stopped hair loss.

We received these products which we have been testing on ourselves and on some friends (raffles) and the results have driven us crazy.

Here below we leave you a small guide on what type of routine you should have and an infographic on what the product contains and how it should be used.

1-. Choose a shampoo and conditioner wisely.

They are not all the same. Choose products that work well with your hair type so your hair will look as good as it can. If possible, look for a sulfate-free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner; these ingredients are harsh on hair and over time cause it to look dry and dull. Check the label. Here is a short guide to which products work well with which hair types:

  • For dry hair that is prone to frizz, look for hydrating or moisturizing products that contain oils, butters, and other nourishing ingredients.
  • For oily or fine hair, look for clarifying products that contain ingredients like tea tree oil and chamomile.
  • For hair that breaks and is easily damaged, look for restorative products that contain proteins such as collagen and keratin.

two-. Wash your hair two or three times a week.

You may think it's healthy to wash your hair daily, but that's actually too frequent for most people. Washing your hair too often strips your hair of protective oils that your scalp naturally produces, leaving it more prone to frizz and damage. For most men, shampooing two to three times a week is best.

  • If your hair gets greasy quickly, consider doing a water-only wash on days you don't use shampoo. The water will clean your hair without removing the oils.
  • When you start washing less, your hair will continue to overproduce oil for a week or so until things balance out. Just be patient and soon your hair will stay clean longer.

3-. Use warm or cold water instead of hot.

Hot baths are great, but the heat of the water dries out your hair. It is better to use warm or cold water to wash your hair. If you have to take a very hot shower, try finishing with a warm or cold rinse so your hair looks healthy and shiny instead of frizzy and dull when it dries.

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