How to shave down there

How to shave down there SoyMacho

10 years ago shaving down there was the last frontier in terms of personal grooming, but with the growth of men's grooming this has become more and more common and not everyone knows how to do it correctly. This trend has grown so much that now 1 in 5 men shave on the south of the body, also a recent study shows that 92% of women prefer "groomed" men.

So we gathered all the information you needed and were afraid to ask.

shaving the brother

After the beard, shaving the soldier has become a huge trend among men, either because porn has taught us that it should be that way or because you simply feel a little cleaner without so much body hair, plus many couples do it. they require due to the chafing that it can cause.

"Hair-free skin can certainly feel cooler and fresher, and it also helps reduce body odour, especially during hot and humid weather," says body hair removal expert Andy Rouillard, owner of Axiom Hair Salon. "As for anything below the belt; no one likes to see sideburns sticking out of the side of a pair of logs, right?"

So let's start with the guide.

1-. Get down before you shave

If you want a close shave, it is best to first use a machine that cuts down the hair and then pass the rake, do not skip the machine because if you do not you can cause much more irritation. Using a machine like Wahl - Bear Trimmer, Wahl - Professional Detailer Machine may be your option, just remember to wash it after use.

two-. A nice cold shower

If smooth balls are what you're looking for, splash with cold water before shaving, or shave during a cold shower as the skin is tightened and less vulnerable.

Use a transparent Muhle shaving gel - Aloe Vera Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream and use short, soft strokes. And, for God's sake, make sure you're sober.

Next, apply an unscented aftershave balm, just like you would after shaving your face.

3-. keep things even

If you just trimmed your pubic hair, make sure you also trim your stomach area and chest hair to a similar length to balance things out.

4-. May it not be the last time

To minimize the risk of itchy regrowth, you should get into the habit of shaving regularly.

If you're worried about unsightly blemishes forming after shaving or waxing, try using an antiseptic spray to close your pores and keep them clean.

5-. Call the professionals.

If you are tired of doing it yourself or it just doesn't work out for you, you can always ask someone (with experience) to wax you, some of the benefits of waxing are that it lasts longer and there is less irritation.

If you are going to do this before going on vacation, it is recommended that you do it with a minimum of 3 days so that the skin settles and you do not suffer from burns or irritation due to the weather.

stay cool

Just like armpits, a man's groin has its own unique and distinctive scent. This unmistakable odor is largely due to the concentration of apocrine sweat glands. These glands are found only in a select group of places on the body, including the armpits, around the nipples and - oddly enough - the ear canal.

They secrete a type of sweat that contains a mixture of fats, proteins, steroids and chemicals - it is often labeled "emotional" sweat because it is active when we are anxious, in pain or sexual arousal, where it acts as a kind of flag. So, in a way, that unique scent is sometimes worth having.

That said, there will be times when you want to stay - and feel - clean and fresh. I don't need to tell you the best way to achieve that—it's all about water, unsurprisingly—but you might also want to experience some specialized products aimed at keeping your landing gear smelling and looking perfect.

So we recommend that you use Freshballs – Genital Antiperspirant , which gives you a feeling of freshness and prevents you from sweating so you don't have those uncomfortable moments.

Always a pleasure to solve your doubts that bother you, remember that's what we're here for.

Frederick G.

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