How to Solve Your Hairy Frown

Women are not the only ones who can fix their eyebrows, and as we know, one of the most neglected parts of your face is the eyebrows. Eyebrows need the same attention and care as your beard and your skin.
When we remove excess hair from our eyebrows, the look becomes more attractive . We will give you several tips to make your eyebrows look well groomed. The hairy frown looks good on nothing more and nothing less than Frida Kahlo, but you… not so much . What you need can be found at the pharmacy or you can borrow it from your parents, sister or girlfriend. The important thing is that you go step by step so that a hairy tragedy does not occur.

1. The Essential Tools
You need a comb, professional tweezers, a mirror and small scissors, to be able to properly cut the excess hair between your eyebrows; It is important to buy good tweezers that are used to remove eyebrow hairs. A trick that you can use so that you feel less discomfort when plucking your eyebrows is to spread ice on the area of ​​​​the eyebrows.

2. Shape

There are three important areas when plucking your eyebrows. The first zone can be found by drawing a line with a comb from the nostril to the forehead; as the image shows. Line 1 is where the eyebrow begins, the hair between the eyebrows must be removed. Line 3 is where your brow arch forms, and line 2 is where your brow should end. All eyebrows are different, remember that some eyebrows are thicker than others, the trick is to clean them and not remove too much.

3. Hair removal areas.

Now your life will change, you will finally take control of your eyebrows. First of all, you should clean your face with water and facial soap. Then we are ready, remember, you should avoid removing the hair from above the eyebrow, many times the hair that is left over is below the eyebrow, in the area of ​​​​the arch. Take a look at the image we include in the default zones as A and B ; now you know where to remove excess hair.

4. Comb the eyebrows
You will actually use the comb to hold and cut long or protruding hairs; With a small scissors stretch the hairs and cut the hair little by little, take a break to see how you like your new eyebrows. Remember that you will only clean these areas, DO NOT cut too much as you may end up regretting it and never try anything new or good for you again.

5. Visit Someone Who Knows What They're Doing

If you know absolutely nothing about how to remove excess hair from your eyebrows, or you are not completely convinced about removing your eyebrows yourself, my best advice is to visit your trusted barber and ask him to do the work for you. The most common technique that is usually used in barbershops is to use a razor or, in other cases, hot wax.

6. Fix it Constantly
You should try to groom or clean your brows every 2-3 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. The important thing is to take care of your eyebrows as you take care of your face, your hair or your physical condition. These small changes positively impact the different aspects of your life, by following these tips you will highlight your best physical attributes and intensify that mysterious and attractive look.

7. Growth For Eyebrows
Some of us are not very hairy, and for this reason we have to use a product that helps us grow facial hair. By using an appropriate treatment you manage to mark the intensity of the look in a natural way, making your eyebrows look thicker and denser.


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